Converting HTML to Joomla: The Way to Do It Right

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  • A website can be created by using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) or CMS

    (content management system). Both of the ways are very different, so the user should

    think twice in order to choose the one which will suit him/her the most. But those who

    have already betted on the wrong horse, those who have chosen a static HTML

    website, now want to convert it to a CMS platform. One of the desirable content

    management systems is Joomla. So, lets find out the reasons of the HTML to Joomla

    migration and the method to do it the right way.

    The Advantages You Can Get after Converting HTML to Joomla

    It will be easy to update your website then;

    You will be able to install different components and modules to improve the

    functionality of the website;

    There is no need to have deep knowledge in coding with Joomla so, you wont

    have to pay any developer or designer to make changes to your website;

    Your site will be dynamic then which means that you will have the full control

    over its look, content etc;

    It will be as easy as pie to install new template and change completely the design

    of your website.

    HTML to Joomla Migration: 5 Easy Steps

    Now it is possible to convert your static HTML website to Joomla easily, fast and without

    any losses. In other words, CMS2CMS automated forum and website migration service

    can do the HTML to Joomla migration for you. So, follow this easy step-by-step

    instruction to make sure that the conversion is as easy as pie.

  • Register a CMS2CMS Account

    To get started, create an account or login with your Facebook or Google account.

  • Select Source/Target Websites

    Indicate your HTML and Joomla website URLs in the corresponding fields.

  • Install Bridge

    After that you have to install the connection bridge. It is used to establish the data

    interaction between a static HTML website and Joomla CMS platform.

  • Run Demo Migration

    Before running the Full Migration it would be better to start Free Demo MIgration to

    make sure that Joomla CMS platform is what you need.

  • Start Full Migration

    If you are satisfied with the results of Demo Migration, then you can run Full Migration

    and enjoy the results in a few minutes.

  • You Can Convert the Following Items

    So, dont hesitate any longer and start a free Demo Migration to convert HTML to

    Joomla and to see how your new website looks like after the switch.