How To Gain Confidence In 8 Steps

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How To Gain Confidence In 8 Steps I always admire people who know how to gain confidence and proudly show it. Its always an attractive trait especially in leaders. We see confidence in super heroes, the top sports athletes, world leaders, entrepreneurseverywhere. However, not everyone proudly possesses it. Some people are proud and confident with themselveswhile others are not. Can you relate to this? Lets say youre at a party. Everyone is having fun talking to each other while youre at the side just looking at everyone. Youre there thinking of what to do, say or if you even should stay in the party. Has this ever happened to you? If yes, then it looks like you need to know how to gain confidence. If yes, then keep reading. This post will show you how to gain confidence in 8 steps. In my teen years, this was an issue for me. I ended up struggling with the stupidest things ever. I dedicate this post to anyone who struggles with how to gain confidence. Know that all you have to is a few simple tweaks. How To Gain Confidence In 8 Steps 1. Work On Your Mindset The first step to knowing how to gain confidence is to work on your mindset. Know this, our minds are extremely powerful. It can either be our most powerful tool or our weapon of mass destruction. What Im saying isThe quality of your thoughts will determine the quality of your life. If you see yourself as just an Average Joeeven without trying anything outside your comfort zonethen you are. However, if you believe that youre specialthat youre YOUniquethen you are! Theres a big difference in terms of outcome if you doubt yourself or when youre confident in yourself. I read this from a meditation book and it always stuck with me Mental pictures are true events to the body. 2. Obliterate The Negative Thoughts This is still part of mindset but Im making this part of the 8 steps simply because its that important. Negative thoughts can literally cripple a person. Stop looking for the bad things in life. Eliminate complaining, nagging, moaning, whining or playing hide and seek with bad news. See the goodthe beautyeverythingeverywhereits all over. Embrace it! Just make sure youre watching where youre walking or else you might walk straight into a pole. lol 3. Focus On Personal Growth When youre not making progress or doing anything in life, you will fall into depression. You will see yourself and feel like an utter failure which is why most people who enter retirement get depressed when youre not actively pursuing anything, you feel like youre dying on the inside. Activity = life. In order to live, we need to move. If you truly want happiness and confidence, then focus on creating progress with yourself, your relationships, and your businessor whatever it may be. Just keep moving forward. Personal growth is a critical step on how to gain confidence. Take a look around you. The people who are the most confident are always growing and creating progress. Read books, listen to audio tapes, and attend seminarsgrow! Theres greatness within us all. We just need to allow it to grow and to grow, its our responsibility. Click here and see how personal growth can affect your finances. 4. SeriouslyStop Worrying! Its useless. I can go on forever on how useless it is but I wont waste time on that. Let me give you an example on how useless it is. Have you ever worried about something so hard to the point where you can eat, sleep or function like a normal human being anymore? Then the time comes and what you were worrying about never even seemed plausible at happening. Then you got that look in your face, you scratch your head and you immediately feel stupid for wasting all that time worrying. Has this happened to you? I know Im guilty. Its the stupidest thing ever! Worrythe evil that NEVER arrives. Heres a good take on how to gain confidence by stop worrying: Guest Blog Post by: Angela Moreno Worry is focusing your attention on your fears repeatedly. It is a habit; a form of conditioned thinking. Worry is a waste of time and energy. It does absolutely nothing to change what you are worried about. It is also destructive. It causes a great deal of stress, which is unhealthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Worrying simply reinforces the fear you already have in your life. Fear is paralyzing and keeps you away from living your life to the fullest. Be Success BE SUCCESS. Think of itDream of itAct like itBE IT! This is where the subconscious mind comes into play. Once you start putting yourself in the shoes of success, even when you havent achieved it yet, your subconscious mind instantly gets re-wired. You change your posture. You change your attitude. You change the way you do things. You change the way you see things. Everything changes. Become the part. Heres a good take. How to gain confidence by being Success: Your purpose is the fuel for your vision. But you shouldnt try to discover it. Instead, ENTER it. If you havent found your purpose, it may be hiding out in an unlikely place. Christine Kane A good practice boxing greats like to do is called Shadow Boxing. What they do is they close their eyes and envision themselves in the moment of their title bout. They see the opponent, they feel the intensity, they the crowd and they taste the victory. They box one-on-one in their minds seeing every move even before its made. What happens when the real fight happenswell, they usually win which is why they are considered greats. Envision yourself achieving your dream. Feel it, see it, hear it, smell it and taste it. Your subconscious mind will guide you towards success. Are you ready for success? Click here now. 6. Learn How To Speak Youll never truly know how to gain confidence if you cant speak to people. Shy people are not confident people. You need to socialize, connect and network. Its for your own good. What I like to do is shoot video blogs. I know its different from talking to other people, but it sets the mood. You know other people are watching. Subconsciously, shooting videos of yourself wires your brain and prepares you to speak. I feel more comfortable speaking in front of a number of people thanks to this. Dont be scared to talk to other people. You may even meet the love of your life if you havent yet. Just take the plunge. Nothing bad will happen. If it gets awkward, move on and laugh at it. lol Thats what I do. Success is a people thing. If youre not good with people, then youll never be successful. Brand Yourself This is happening all over us these days. We have popular bloggers, Viners, Instagrammers, YouTubers, and so on. These people know how to gain confidence. Branding yourself subconsciously tells yourself that you believe in yourself an in your skills. It wires your brain telling it that youre valuable so this is critical especially in this century. Branding yourself is easy these days. You can start a YouTube channel and shoot videos about anything youre passionate about (You may even get paid), start a blog (Click here if you want your own blog and learn how to make money blogging like I do.), write ebooks, start podcasts, the list literally goes on and on. When you brand yourself, people will recognize you and they will appreciate you for your efforts. I tell you the most fulfilling feeling ever is when someone tells you thank youthat youre an inspiration to them. Your story could be key to spark and transform a life. (Click here to read about the art of storytelling) 8. Recognize Your Value Successful or notyoure valuable. We all have a purpose in this world. If you want to know exactly how to gain confidence, then look in the mirror and see the most valuable thing in your lifeyou. Realize that people care for you and you should do the same to yourself. Respect yourself. Admire yourself. Know that you are valuable. Believe that you are extraordinary. Anything anyone else says is straight up B.S. Now you know how to gain confidence! Show the world your greatness! Click here now and see the potential of your greatness. Zafra Freedom Fighter Blog: Click here to learn about my $10K per month formula.