How To Overcome A Fear Of Rejection!

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Are you a single guy? Do you want to know how to successfully talk to women? Are you a single guy? Do you want to overcome a fear of rejection? Rejection 1 Ah, the fear of rejection. This instinctive emotion can paralyse and hinder you from meeting women But this shouldnât be the case ⦠ Did you know most guys cause rejection themselves: - They approach women without first checking for the two important signals, or - They say or do stupid things when talking to women or their friends Donât be one of those guys! Two important signals women give out: 1. âLeave me aloneâ signals (tears, angry face, concentrating on her phone, busy talking to a friend) - donât bother approaching her 2. âCome overâ signals (solid eye contact, she does a double take, you flash her a smile and she flashes one back) â approach her with a smile Why a woman may not want to talk to you: - Youâve said or done something offensive - Sheâs already seeing someone or is married - She has a preference for other women - Sheâs having a bad day or moment - She doesnât feel like talking to anyone - You may not be her type From now on ⦠- Check first for the two important signals before approaching a woman, and - Know there are a number of reasons why a woman many not want to talk to you, most of which have nothing to do with you personally â So donât take it personally! Thank you for watching this short presentation. To find out more about overcoming a fear of rejection or, how to get a girlfriend faster, please visit: