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d-SmartHow to use Social Media more effectively Why People are crazy for Social Media???Ek Aam-Aaadmi ki SochThey want self appreciationPeople keep an eye Likes and Comments on their picture and statusThey want to show they are One UPFor this, people post rare locations pictures, they try to post a different type of comment, people keep all wacky and weird DP, they do all those stuff what they can do as different as possible.They want to get connected with society or they want to make a own societyPeople search their old school friends, they search college friend, People search distant relatives and create Groups They want to keep a check on social happeningsFor this people follow news channels page, news papers page, celeb page and the opinion leadersHow we can help this breedOut of these four major reason we can cater only one i.e. we can create a image of Opinion LeaderSocial media is no more to update status and post pictures At least for us. Because we as professional, dont use SMS (Social Media Sites) for leisure We use official time, office resources so IT IS A Business How can We be an efficient social medial moderatorNote: Not a user a moderator, means : referee, mediator between their own image (Company Image, RJ Image, Station Image) and the publicFirst of all Dos & Don'tsDO 1. Have a attractive and classy DPDONT 1. Dont change your DP too frequently.Wise Old Saying : First impression is last impressionEffects your recall valueDO Think of update as a conversation.DONT Think of it as a sales pitch.DO Ask for testimonials and feedback, Build relationships.DONT Ask for money, customers or followers..DO Be responsive. Answer peoples questions, make comments.DONT Update in rapid-fire style. DO Try to synchronize your social media accounts.DONT Be afraid to post the same information on multiple networks.DO Ask around if you dont know where to begin.DONT Miss out the benefits of social networking.DO Update regularlyDONT Make people wonder what happened to you. As per social media experts 3 updates is enough for a DayHow to get maximum benefits ????Including your 14 fresh tweet and 16 retweets will give more effective resultsAs per Indian SMS users, there are four best time to update facebook post:Before 9AM : After reaching office people login to facebook at least for 10 minutesBefore 1PM : After lunch people login to facebook at least for 10 minutes .Before 5PM : Before leaving office people login to facebook at least for 10 minutes Before 9PM : After dinner people login to facebook at least for 10 minutes Date SourcesVarious news articles, social media experts blogs, slide share presentations and learning from day to day workStay logged inContact For : Leadership Training, Management Training, Media Planning, Brand Management, Brands Opportunities/Challenges Analysis, Brand Building, Creative solution for Brand Imaginary Inbox me on : mannitish@gmail.com


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