How Event Planners Can REALLY Use Social Media to Succeed

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I'm not a professional event planner...more like an accidental event planner. I started Social Media FTW with a couple of friends and ran it for a few years, and followed up with The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference, which is now in planning for its fourth year. Through those events and other smaller events I've put on or been brought in as a consultant, I've discovered how to inject social media into all aspects of an event...before the event starts to drum up interest and registrations, during an event to reach beyond the confines of the auditorium, and after, build anticipation for next year. In this presentation, using Agents of Change as an example, I showed the event planners how to leverage social media to get speakers, sponsors and seats (the audience.) If you have any questions, or are looking for help in putting on your own event, reach out to me at Rich Brooks


1. flyte schoolHow Event Planners CanREALLYUse Social Media to SucceedRich Brooks | flyte new media | | 2. AGENTS OF CHANGE 3. TODAYS GOALSBeforeDuringAfter 4. DIGITAL MARKETING ACTION PLANAttractionRetentionConversionMeasurement 5. EVENT TRINITY 6. ASSETSWebsiteEmail ListSocial ProfilesEventBrite 7. SHARE THE LOVE 8. EDITORIAL CALENDAR 9. SCHEDULING TWEETS 10. SCHEDULING FACEBOOK 11. BUILDING BETTER LINKS 12. EMAIL 13. FACEBOOK 14. FACEBOOK EVENTS 15. FACEBOOK ADS 16. USING THE POWER EDITOR 17. TWITTER 18. PROMOTE THE HASHTAGS 19. TWITTER LISTS 20. TWITTER ADS 21. TWITTER ADS 22. LINKEDIN 23. LINKEDIN SEARCH 24. INSTAGRAM 25. PINTEREST 26. YOUTUBE 27. BLOG 28. PODCAST 29. RETARGETING 30. DURING 31. PROMOTE HASHTAG #aoc2014 32. LIVE TWEETING 33. LIVE BLOGGING 34. EVENT SCREENS 35. PHOTO BOOTH 36. VIDEO 37. AFTER 38. STORIFY 39. SCREEN CAPTURE TWEETS 40. SLIDESHARE 41. BLOG RECAP 42. TAKEAWAYSBuild momentum with socialSell tickets with email & adsCurate & package UGC 43. THANK YOU@therichbrooksRich Brooksflyte new


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