How to Use Social Media for Influencer Marketing

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How to Use Social Media for Influencer MarketingOctober 2016

First Things First

2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.According to, Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brands message to the larger market. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead inspire/hire/pay influencers to get out the word for you.

Examples of this could be:Relevant and popular social media accountsIndustry leaders or expertsCelebritiesIndividuals with considerable followingsWhat is Influencer Marketing?

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Pick and Choose

2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.Making sure to match your brand with the right influencers in your industry is a key component when developing a marketing plan.

Associate with people who are both visible in the eyes of your audience and can leverage a potential consumers purchasing decisionsSelect individuals with authority in your industryChoose people that are honest, believe in what they do, and can obtain a great amount of attention

Google Search and Social Media channels are fantastic areas to start your quest in discovering the best people you want to market your brand!

Identify Who Your Influencers

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Your Best Friend

2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.Social Media is arguably the best tool to initiate any influencer marketing plan for your business. Why?

Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users, Twitter with 317 million monthly active users, and LinkedIn with 450 million members With so many users, the potential consumers that can be reached by your brand is enormousAccording to, 46% of shoppers rely on social media when making a purchase and More than 80% of consumers say that their purchases are at least somewhat influenced by user generated content.In a study performed by, over 80% of marketers that launched a campaign involving a social media influencer, found that the influencer engagement was effective.Use Social Media Platforms to your

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Social Media is Remarkably Useful

2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.One of the biggest insights your campaign can use to find potential influencers is undoubtedly the world of social media.

Any significant trend, social movement, current news, etc. can be found by exploring social searches. Leverage hashtags as a search options to discover trending topics and key leaders within your industryAs stated by Social media monitoring also allows you to find influencers who advocate for the genre or niche you have outlined. For Example, someone may post and tweet heavily about yoga gear but not mention your website as an awesome place to buy yoga gear. Well, this is someone you want to engage with and expose your brand to.

Social Media not only helps you outreach to your audience, it also aids in defining who that audience might just be.

Utilize all of your

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Understand the People!

2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.Social Media channels are excellent tools for your brand to use to its advantage. How?

Analytic pages can guide your business into better visualizing the consumers you want purchasing from your companyAccording to regarding Facebook analytics, This information can be utilized to ensure that you are getting the right fans for your business and to help create better content for your audience.Check out what content works best with your audience will allow your business to engage with customers more effectivelyUnderstand the exact demographics of a potential consumer will help your brand in identifying authoritative people in your industryKnow Who Your Target Audience

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What an Opportunity

2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.Whether it be a high end fashion dress posted by a designer account on Instagram or a new line of shoes advertised on Facebook by a popular athlete, a lot of times consumers determine what they want to purchase based off people they admire.

Society itself plays a big role in this decision makingConsumers flock to items that are used by people with market authorityFor teens, YouTube Stars can be fantastic influencers. According to a survey performed by, YouTube stars are perceived as 17 times more engaging, and 11 times more extraordinary, than mainstream stars.

Associate your brand with influencers who are both influential and well-known in the eyes of your targeted consumers.

Consumers Are

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Create Unforgettable Relationships

2016 AUMCORE. PRIVILEDGED AND CONFIDENTIAL.If youre working with influential bloggers or authoritative accounts on social media, reciprocity is a powerful approach to consider when building rapport. How to do this?

Share some of their content on your end; Spread their blogs, articles, updates, etc. to your consumer baseEngage with their posts; Like, favorite, repost, etc.Financially compensate them for their servicesThank them for promoting the services your business has to offer, and keep in touch

Giving back goes a long way! Next time your pursuing an influencer marketing campaign, make sure to be aware and repay the appreciation.

Treat your Influencers Well and Theyll Do the

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