Instagram for PR Success

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@prTini | #FPRA2015AC Heather Whaling @prTini Instagram: PR Success best practices for leveraging Instagram as a PR tool @prTini | #FPRA2015AC about me: Twitter: @prTini IG: @heatherwhaling @prTini | #FPRA2015AC about Geben: based in Columbus, OH small by design: 15 people fresh approach to PR integrate traditional/digital creativity that gets results @prTini | #FPRA2015AC Photo credit: @prTini | #FPRA2015AC instagram opportunities @prTini | #FPRA2015AC case studies 3 @prTini | #FPRA2015AC goals: extend online community Convey event experience to non-local supporters 250 followers in week one Triple network by race day Increase participants race day photos @prTini | #FPRA2015AC Instagram launch: RunFest correspondents Pre-event promotion Live photos at the event Interaction between accounts Result: @cbusmarathon had 300 followers within one week of launching @prTini | #FPRA2015AC pre-race: behind-the-scenes marathon news and race/course updates inspiration blog posts training tips @prTini | #FPRA2015AC Instagram ambassadors: countdown to race day ambassadors share weekly training photos for @cbusmarathon to regram and share on the blog Prompts: Where do you run? How do you feel? What are you wearing? @prTini | #FPRA2015AC race day: photo, video and scenes from around the course heavy interaction with people tagging #cbusmarathon @prTini | #FPRA2015AC outcomes: 300 followers by July 8 (one week after first photo) 988 followers on race day 1,000+ photos posted on and immediately following race day, a 42% increase over the previous year @prTini | #FPRA2015AC goals: increase donations from online communities engage a corporate sponsor tap into local online influencers networks expand NCHs local online footprint @prTini | #FPRA2015AC campaign launch: favorite things pre-seed Instagram influencers with campaign materials and images @prTini | #FPRA2015AC corporate sponsor: post photo $5 claim photo $10 @prTini | #FPRA2015AC outcomes: 400+ photos posted on Instagram, resulting in a $5,000 donation to Nationwide Kids from Simple Bath Ohio #NCHfavorites hashtag reached 242,000 people @prTini | #FPRA2015AC goals: engage influencers reach new audiences drive ticket sales @prTini | #FPRA2015AC @prTini | #FPRA2015AC strategy: create a spike in interest while underscoring the messaging build on loop giveaway idea @prTini | #FPRA2015AC @prTini | #FPRA2015AC outcomes: photos reached 45,000 potential ticket buyers nine new influencer relationships sold-out show @prTini | #FPRA2015AC tips for Instagram success 8 @prTini | #FPRA2015AC get creative with your content @prTini | #FPRA2015AC humanize your brand @prTini | #FPRA2015AC post frequently @prTini | #FPRA2015AC reward the behaviors you want to repeat @prTini | #FPRA2015AC be smarter about hashtags @prTini | #FPRA2015AC increase engagement higher engagement on photos with hashtags higher engagement on photos that are geotagged 12% 76% Sources: Simply Measured, Sprout Social @prTini | #FPRA2015AC create an Instagram style guide @prTini | #FPRA2015AC be professional @prTini | #FPRA2015AC examples of Insta-creativity 8 @prTini | #FPRA2015AC themed content campaign @prTini | #FPRA2015AC user-generated content campaign @prTini | #FPRA2015AC influencer takeover @prTini | #FPRA2015AC insta-mob @prTini | #FPRA2015AC filter-driven storylines @prTini | #FPRA2015AC choose your own adventure @prTini | #FPRA2015AC cross-platform @prTini | #FPRA2015AC Insta-zine @prTini | #FPRA2015AC Geben-approved Instagram tools 20 @prTini | #FPRA2015AC create @prTini | #FPRA2015AC edit @prTini | #FPRA2015AC manage @prTini | #FPRA2015AC add some sizzle @prTini | #FPRA2015AC Disrupt the status quo. Build awareness. Acquire customers. Excel in the social world. Increase sales. Innovate best practices. Heather Whaling @prTini