Instagram How to Get Noticed? 3 Instagram Marketing Strategy Guide Tips

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instagram how to get noticed

Instagram How to Get Noticed??? 3 Instagram Marketing Strategy Guide Tips

#1 Pick the Best Days for PostingThursdays are generally the most popular days on Instagram so the competition is pretty strong then. Sundays show less competition but users are generally more active with content then. So these are things to consider. Try posting on different days and keep track of which days perform better or get better engagement.

#2 Place Your Hashtags in Your Comments AreaYou are free to use up to 30 hashtags in your post captions but if potential followers see too many hashtags this could turn them off and come off as desperate. So once you make your post and regular caption just save your actual hashtags and post as a comment immediately after you submit your post. Instagram will still count these and it looks clearer if you are using a lot of theme.

#3 Go Find Those w/ Similar Interest If you are posting about one general topic in specific with your account then go search for those who are interested in that on the Instagram explore tab. So if you like to post about puppies then go search for puppies and you should find a list of similar accounts that you can interact with and get likes from. Remember keep this up on a regular basis for maximum effect.

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