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1. Informed Leadership M-Brain Overview Scott Hall Senior Manager, MI Solutions scott.hall@m-brain.com 773-867-8352 o 630-917-8265 c M-Brain ©2015. All rights reserved.…


1. Informed Leadership M-Brain Overview Scott Hall Senior Manager, MI Solutions scott.hall@m-brain.com 773-867-8352 o 630-917-8265 c M-Brain ©2015. All rights reserved. 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 1 2. Our Mission 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 2 M-Brain is a global information, technology and consulting services company with offices in twelve countries. Our services are based on a unique combination of our own proprietary big data technology and human intelligence We help our clients navigate the turbulent and ever expanding business environment. We offer them crucial external business information and advise in its efficient management and utilization. We turn information into actionable insights for daily decision making and strategic planning. We call it #InformedLeadership. 3. 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 3 Managing with information has become critical in strategic planning and creating value for a company. At M-Brain we provide a full suite of intelligence services: Our Solutions 1. M-Monitoring - Services that help international companies stay aware of developments in their competitive and media environment 2. M-Intelligence - CI Software and continuous awareness that help companies understand what market developments mean for them 3. M-Advisory - Strategic Research & Analysis to help companies decide on their optimal business and intelligence strategies for success M-Brain is also the leading advisor for companies setting up and developing World-Class Market Intelligence programs 4. M-Brain is a leading global provider of world-class external business and market intelligence 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 4 About M-Brain • Founded 1998 • 450 professionals • Headquarters in Finland • Global Offices in Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, UK and USA • Local knowledge in over 100 markets through local experts • Over 1,500+ customers worldwide 5. Five Main Challenges that Organizations face in today’s business environment 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 5 1. Data overload 2. Closed-loop 3. Stuck-in-the-past 4. Data-in-silos 5. Too much information, not enough knowledge 6. How can M-Brain help you with these challenges? 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 6 7. 6/18/2015 7 We offer relevant, timely external intelligence that helps make the right decisions, efficiently. We call it Informed Leadership. We help you to… …stay aware of all developments in your business environment …understand what these developments mean for you …decide on your optimal strategy for success Copyright © M-Brain 2015 8. STAY AWARE OF DEVELOPMENTS IN YOUR BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 8 9. 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 9 • 100,000 news outlets in 71 languages in 236 regions plus 3 million social media platforms • We are adding close to ~5,000 sources a month • Our people convert this data into relevant news reports based on the need of our customer Our clients mainly use this service for monitoring: • Competitors • Customers • Market developments/disruptions • Legal & regulatory issues • Trends As a service Various options to deliver the results: • E-mails and newsletters • Web service • RSS feed 10. 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 10 • If you need access to social media information and want to do the work yourself, use our online monitoring & audience engagement tool. Module-based solution: 1. Basic monitoring and alerts of your topics 2. Analysis by various graphical presentation such as influence charts, sentiment comparisons, etc. 3. Event recognition and dissecting information 4. Engaging with your audience As a total digital media solution • Our sources cover 3 million social media platforms, 100,000 news outlets in 71 languages in 236 regions 11. MAKE SENSE OF MARKET DEVELOPMENTS and WHAT THEY MEAN TO YOU 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 11 12. Intelligence Plaza® - the world leading Market Intelligence enterprise software When you have internal capability to build understanding and awareness, but lack tools to make this accessible and deliver it to the relevant decision makers and your whole organization, M-Brain’s stand alone intelligence software: the Intelligence Plaza is the right solution for you. 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 12 13. M-Brain’s Intelligence Desk brings a full set of Intelligence capabilities 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 13 Hand-picked sources Dedicated analyst team Platform Alerts and mobile access • No noise. The M-Brain analyst team ensures that only relevant information is pushed out to end users • Users will not have to manually search the web for data – time savings • Users around the globe can add internal insights and engage in valuable discussion • Sharing the insight within their organization with the Intelligence Plaza tool • Daily news summary email, newsletters, Analytical executive reports , On-demand briefings and Regular market data & report updates • Dashboards When you lack internal capability and lack the tools to build understanding and awareness, but need to deliver it to the relevant decision makers and your whole organization, M-Brain’s Intelligence Desk with analyst team is the right solution for you. 14. DECISION SUPPORT and BEST PRACTICES FOR OPTIMAL SUCCESS 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 14 15. 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 15 When you want to compete more effectively and identify and grow into new opportunities, our services provide clear market insights and strategy recommendations. Strategic Analysis & Advisory • Gain clarity on your competitive position, strategic initiatives and new markets. • Receive clear strategic advice based on well-defined and validated intelligence. • Extend your resources and challenge preconceived ideas. 16. Our typical ad-hoc projects range from creating market understanding to identifying new opportunities. 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 16 Strategic Analysis & Advisory • Competitive landscape analysis • Customer intelligence • Market attractiveness analysis • Competitor deep dive • Market sizing & forecasting • Scenario analysis • M&A screening & evaluation • New market entry strategy • Strategic partner identification UNDERSTAND YOUR MARKETS COMPETE MORE EFFECTIVELY GROW INTO NEW OPPORTUNITIES 17. When you want to enhance your social media and market intelligence activities to World-Class standards, M-Brain’s suite of Best Practices help you move forward. Proven methodologies, Conferences, unique benchmarking databases, and internationally recognized Development Frameworks. Benchmarking Assessment Training Consulting Conferences Open Courses Intelligence Best Practices Online Set Up Workshop Planning Project Set up support Benchmarking Circle Intelligence Best Practices 6/18/2015 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 17 INTELLIGENCE SET UP CONSULTING INTELLIGENCE DEVELOPMENT EXCHANGE OF INTELLIGENCE BEST PRACTICES 18. M-Brain’s World-Class MI Development Framework helps organizations to plan and track MI development efforts – page 18 Copyright © M-Brain 2015 19. 6/18/2015 19 Description Novice “Firefighter” Basic “Monitor” Intermediate “Analyze” Advanced “React” World Class “Engage” Understanding The SM Landscape And General Trends No clear understanding what social media is Limited knowledge Is aware of the social media landscape at large Understands the Social Media world very well Broad, deep and future oriented scope with more tailor-made needs Social Media Activity & Deliverables: Active Participation Does not have any activities in place Ad hoc activities mostly Regular activities and own channels Advanced activities and many channels in use Engaging activities and strategy in place Social Media Listening & Monitoring: Passive Participation Occasional searches Free Social Media tool in place to research Proper professional tool in place Systematic approach to Social Media listening Pro user of different social media listening tools for different channels Social Media Strategy No strategy or white paper in place Some thoughts about the need for a Social Media strategy Dedicated resources for Social Media activities Social Media strategy in place Iterative Social Media strategy Social Media Culture & Organization No objective, resources or budget Ad hoc resources and budget Resources and Budgets in place, missing a solid social media guideline Culture well defined and budget and resources in place The right resources and budgets for different social media channels defined and solid social media guidelines. Needs benchmarking in industry use and trends in different channels and in what channels to focus? Social Media Analysis No clear goal in mind Some understanding of what to analyze and ad hoc analysis reports Regular analysis reports Utilization of KPI is at a more advanced level Knowledge of how the findings relate to business objectives Copyright © M-Brain 2015 M-Brain’s Social Media Development Framework helps organizations to plan and track social media development efforts 20. Our experience spans across industries