Social Media Marketing campaign in Thailand

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exampleSocial Media Marketingin Thailand Mayvarin chongjaroenjai2B5012Outstanding Social Media Campaigns in THAILAND5 Ichitan 50 days, 50 Mercedes BenzSend the code that appears under the bottle cap Each day, 50 lucky winners get Mercedes BenzFrom 5 March 2015 21 May 2015 (approx. 3 months) a 1 Day 1 TreeDownload 1 Dream 1Tree application and log in via Facebook account or emailScan QR code from paper packaging and growing young plant in the app. (Real farmer name will be shown in the app, player can choose who to plant with)Capture the screen that shows farmers name and post on Double A Club Facebook page20 lucky winners will get 2 movie tickets/eachSource: APaperLays 30 Days, 30 MillionRegister the promotion code appears inside the chips package via phone or website30 Lucky Lays fans can win 1 million bath each day.1 April 2016 25 May 2016Source: Source: the downy song danceUpload the video clip on your Facebook and share the link under the post with the #Those who join the campaign will receive 4 new formula (different scent) fabric softener for FREE.TaokaenoiChange Facebook profile picture by clicking at the link to choose and decorate your photo Lucky winner will get IPhone 7Encourage people to cheer for Thai football team in UAE vs. Thailand matchSource: strategy withSM platform3LCC industryFacebookPurpose(educate, inspire, entertain, convince)Create demand (Convince to buy) Create demand (Convince to buy) Create demand (Convince to buy) Content StrategyAttractions/Promotions/Activities/Food photosPromotions/Attractions/ActivitiesPromotions/Attractions/ActivitiesUse of UGCOccasionallyOccasionallyOccasionallyFrequencyEverydayEverydayEverydayNumber of account111Connection to usersVery responsiveVery responsiveGood responsive (within 10 hours)InstagramPurpose(educate, inspire, entertain, convince)Brand awareness & create demand (Convince to buy)Brand awareness & create demand (Convince to buy) Create demand (Convince to buy)Content StrategyRoutes/Promotions/Food photoPromotions/Attractions/Acts.&campaign/Crew members Attractions/ActivitiesUse of UGCRarelyRarelyRarelyFrequencyAvg. 2 post/day Everyday ( 1 or more)Avg. every 2 daysNumber of account111Connection to usersRarely responseActively responseGood responseLINE (official acc)Content StrategyPromotions(similar acc with ThaiAirways)Promotion/AttractionsPromotionAdditional offersFree Line sticker (Share with ThaiAirways)noFree Line stickerFrequencyOccasionallyOccasionallyOccasionallyNumber of account111Connection to usersNoneNoneNone SummaryCompanies within the same industry have similar content strategy. All 3 LCC companies tend to promote themselves through Facebook more than other social media platform