Why Digital Media for your business ?

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Slide 1There is something we do Dierently and thats called Marketing.Digital Media?A WAY OF COMMUNICATION JUST LIKEBUT DIGITAL MEDIAREACHLISTENINTERACTGIVES YOU POWER TOWITH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCEDIRECTLYTHROUGH THE MEDIUMSWhich makesthe 3rd largest country in terms of population.10,500,000,000The number of minutes spent on Facebook everyday.2.7 Billion Daily Likes and Comments.83% of Indian users are in the age group of 18- 35.Excluding Mobile! 400,000,000+ Tweets Per Day. 27,199,007people follow her on Twitter.#GAGAThats double the population of Mumbai.3rd most visited website is YouTube.2 Billion views per day on YouTube.10 Videos are uploaded to YouTube every second.1700 The number of years it will take to watchall the videos on YouTube.90% of the people trust recommendations from people they know.70%people trust consumeropinions posted online USING DIGITAL MEDIA YOU CAN ANNOUNCE NEW PRODUCTS & SERVICESALSO GET INSTANT FEEDBACK FROM CUSTOMERREACH MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE GLOBE FILTERED REACHITS INEXPENSIVEGIVES HIGHER RETURNSBRAND IMAGE & REPUTATIONWE ARE GLOBAL EXPERTS IN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGSO LEAVE THIS PART TO US !WE ARE NOT BUSY FOR YOU.LETS MEET.PING US WHENEVER YOU WANT TO! Email : contact@mediaworkscompany.com Facebook : facebook.com/MediaWorksCo Twitter : twitter.com/MediaWorksCo