Why Use Social Media for Business?

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PowerPoint PresentationWhy Use Social Media for Your Business? What is Social Media?The social web connects people where they share, critique and interact with content and each other. Google 2014.Can my business use Social Media?If your business has a web presence and has multiple end users who are active onlinethen YESWhat can Social Media do foryour business?What are people using? References:The statistics represent online users of social media in 2013http://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheets/social-networking-fact-sheetNo single platform will fit allyour requirementsChoose the right social media platform to meet your business objectives and target audience.To engage with clients You need to driverelevant trafficto your site and achieve rankings for keyword searches that are comprise your target customer.Using facebook for engagement Facebook Characteristics:Personal attitudeEntertainment orientatedHas the largest audienceWhat works on FacebookTo increase visibility and gain trustCreate an online reputation by building a community around a brand that is made up of people that are active online influencers, journalists and bloggers that can use your industry expertise to referencein their articlesReferences:http://www.fingo.co.uk/blog/detail/get-visible-on-google-in-2014Community buildingTwitter for increasing visibilityTwitter Characteristics:Short Posts (max. 140 characters)Shortened Links Integration of Links and ImagesUse @ (contact)Use of # (hashtag)What works on TwitterTo build trust and a professional presenceCreate a page on Linkedin for a professional and smart looking presence, from which you can connect and reach out to industry professionals and key decision makers. LinkedIn Characteristics:Platform for Professionals and CompaniesCan make the post longUseful for recruiting Good for joining discussionsLinkedIn to build trust What works on LinkedInTo support SEO and increase website trafficThere is evidence to suggest that website with more Google +1s ranks better than those with less.References:http://www.fingo.co.uk/blog/detail/should-i-use-google-plusGoogle + Characteristics:Technologically savvy platformEnhances ImagesPlays videosCreating and joining communitiesSchedule EventsCreating HangoutsGoogle+ for SEOWhat works on Google+Create an online portfolioUse social medias features to show off your best looking products or images. People who follow Pinterest will love to see and potentially share them. Pinterest Characteristics:Imagery rich platformPopular among the Female audienceAllowed posts up to 500 charactersHosts private boardsPinterest for an online portfolioWhat works on PinterestTo summariseHow Can People Find You Online?How to incorporate social media in the business plan? 25Grow your social engagementGoogle continues to consider social votes as a valuable and reliable signal of a websites importance.References:http://www.fingo.co.uk/blog/detail/should-i-use-google-plus26Whats Next?Get in touch and get your social media marketing off to a flying start this year.01372 749 200info@fingo.co.uk | www.fingo.co.uk