With IBM & Twitter, Telcos Reduce Customer Churn.

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Harrold Whitehead @wh_harry June 8My monthly cell phone bill @ZeeBayTelco?I pay $169/month. I make 4 calls, and send 700 texts saying, "Sorry, be there in 5 mins!"George Walters @SlySempreFi June 5Here's what I think of @ZeeBayTelco: Ridiculously overpriced cell phone service and all data services.Buyer beware!Ellen Mahler @OnlySkye4Me June 5@ZeeBayTelco Why would you offer a promotion over the phone and not honor it on the bill! Great product, question your customer service!!!Miss Marshall @oldmissmarshall June 5@ZeeBayTelco I love it. Data speeds are great and no dropped calls!A 3% reduction in churncan save millions in lost revenue.Learn more about IBM & Twitter atibm.co/ibmandtwitterGet only 1-2 bars from home, but 4-5 bars just one block away. 7 years of dropped calls & disconnected apps. @ZeeBayTelco does NOTHING!Tim Thompson @SamStout41 June 5BillingTelcoChurnModelWith IBM & Twitter,telcos reduce customer churnCustomerServicePriceCompetitorsOfferingsMovingPerformanceOfferingsSentiment