Building Better Architecture with UX-Driven Design

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PowerPoint PresentationBUILDING BETTER ARCHITECTURE WITH UX-DRIVEN DESIGNDINO ESPOSITO good software project must, like a house, start on strong foundations of good architecture and good requirements. (cit.) ABOUT ESTIMATES SOFTWARE NOBODY ASKS YOU TO SIMPLY BUILD A HOUSETENTHUTCARAVANCASTLE2All details are described in depth.CONSCIOUSREQUIREMENTSA few details reckoned obvious and omittedUNCONSCIOUSREQUIREMENTSNot mentioned at allDREAMSWORDSWORDS3To improve the software development process, we need a better way to learn. Watch the webinar recording here: The user of the software wont know what she wants until she sees the software.Humphreys LawAn interactive system can never be fully specified nor can it ever be fully tested.Wegners LemmaAnonymousIf you wait until the last minute to complete the user interface, it only takes a minute.Many great ideas have been first sketched out on paper napkins.8Talk is cheap. Show me the product.Visual immediacyMissed points caught earlierFocus on tasks and actionsFrontend and backend match upThis slide is preset with animationsTwo Architect RolesCollect usability requirements to build the best possible UX for the presentation layerCollect business requirements to build the best possible domain layerSoftware ArchitectFaces the painful truth of requirements UX ArchitectFaces the blissful simplicity of visualsRemember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.Morpheus (from The Matrix)How many people around role11Architecture of the informationUser-machine interaction Usability reviewsResponsibilities of UX architectsRecord users in actionAnalyze body languageMonitor timing of operationsThis slide is preset with animationsUXDD in Three StepsCreate screens as users love them Trigger workflows from screensCode workflows to use business logic SPRINTSSPRINTSTwo-phase waterfallLow-cost design of the frontendStraight implementation of the backend Longer than classic bottom-up Nearly no post-deployment costsUXDDSummaryThis bullet list is preset with animations14UXDDSummaryNO POST-DEPLOYMENT COSTS?NO POST-DEPLOYMENT COSTS.This bullet list is preset with animationsCost of support15Watch the webinar recording here: PresentationBusinessDataHow You See Your SystemHow Users See Your SystemInterfaceBLACK MAGICPRESENTATIONAPPLICATIONDOMAININFRASTRUCTUREDEVELOPERUSER/DESIGNERREAL-WORLDUXDDThe experience users go through while interacting with the application.User Experience SKETCHFreehand drawing primarily done to jot down ideasRelated TerminologyWIREFRAMEMore precise sketch focused on layout, navigation, contentMOCKUPAs detailed as a wireframe with some sample UI attachedPROOF OF CONCEPTSmall exercise to verify truthfulness or viability of an assumptionRelated TerminologyPROTOTYPEFake system simulating the behavior of the real system to be builtPILOTProduction-ready system tested against a subset of the intended audienceBasic understandingBasic prototypingAdvanced prototypingUXDD Prototyping LevelsIf you need prototypes, wheres the saving?22PRODUCTSBALSAMIQAXUREUXPINJUSTINMINDDATA MODELBUSINESS LOGICUSER INTERFACEPossible model mismatchBOTTOM-UPREQUIREMENTSTOP-DOWNDATA MODELBUSINESS LOGICUSER INTERFACEModel cut to fitREQUIREMENTSTOP-DOWNDATA MODELBUSINESS LOGICUSER INTERFACEModel cut to fitREQUIREMENTSTOP-DOWNBLACK MAGICUSER INTERFACEREQUIREMENTSModel cut to fitWatch the webinar recording here: USER INTERFACESCREENSCREENSCREENAPPLICATION LAYERWORKFLOWWORKFLOWWORKFLOWDOMAIN LAYERINFRASTRUCTURE LAYERVIEW modelINPUT modelThe UX users wantBackend to supportjust the UX users wantEVENT storeREAD modelCOMMANDstackQUERYstackUXDD leads to CQRS Event SourcingAll this said The best way to save money on software projects is learning as much as possible about the domain and users expectations.AnonymousFinally, about wrap up31REFERENCEShttp://naa4e.codeplex.comWatch the webinar recording here: Modern Software ArchitectureDomain Models, CQRS, and Event SourcingUX-driven Software Design coming soon TOP 100dino.esposito@jetbrains.com