How to get started with Watermelon

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How to getstarted withCustomer service via WhatsAppAnd later via...Facebook Messengerand TelegramHappy customers meansyou andyour colleaguesare happy!OK!Lets give it a try!Unfortunately...We cant send you a virtual WatermelonBut instead...We will give you a 14 daysfree trial!We will give you a brandnew phone numberAlso for free ;-)Nowcomes the best part!Promoteyour number!Make sure everyone knowsyou started using Appcare!Use it asa customerservice toolNot a marketing oneThen your customersare happy!So are we ;-)Your customers get a replyin just a few minutes!StartUse Watermelon with your colleagues at the same time! Appcare makeseveryone happy!Welcome to Watermelon!We love you already!Are you ready?Try it for free!