IBM Open by Design: Graph Technology

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Jason Plurad @pluradjIBM Open Technology Apache TinkerPop JanusGraphMarch 1, 2017 JanusGraph NYC MeetupIBM Open by Design:Graph TechnologySocial Graphs, Right?2 @pluradj #JanusGraphApache TinkerPop Open source, vendor-agnostic,graph computing framework Gremlin graph traversal language3Apache TinkerPopMaintainer Apache Software FoundationLicense ApacheLatestRelease3.2.4February 2017 #JanusGraphJanusGraph Fork of TitanDB code base Scalable graph database distributed onmulti-machine clusters with pluggable storageand indexing Vendor-neutral, open community withopen governance Contributors from Amazon, Expero, Google,GRAKN.AI, Hortonworks, IBM, Netflix,Orchestral Developments4JanusGraphMaintainer Linux FoundationLicense ApacheFirst Release Planned1Q 2017 #JanusGraph5 @pluradj #JanusGraphIBM Graph Fully-managed, Apache TinkerPop compatibleOLTP graph database Focus on your data, not on install and operations #sleepMore6IBM GraphMaintainer IBMLicense CommercialLatest ReleaseGAJuly2016 #JanusGraphJanusGraph + ScyllaDB Scylla is a drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra 2.1 Higher throughput, lower latency C++ implementation, I/O scheduler Scylla on IBM Compose (beta) Thrift compatibility starting with Scylla 1.37ScyllaDBMaintainer ScyllaDBLicense AGPLLatest Release1.5December 2016 #JanusGraphPowered by Graph IBM BigInsights / IBM Open Platform with Apache Hadoop IBM IT Service Management (NetCool, Application Performance Management) IBM Personal Social Dashboard IBM Research: Cognitive Eldercare IBM Watson Cognitive Security8 @pluradj #JanusGraphThank you!