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Relaso Product Suite OVERVIEW 2 WHY RELASO CRM? 2 KEY VALUES OF RELASO PLATFORM 3 BUSINESS RULES 3 WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT 4 PRODUCTS 4 CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT 4 MARKETING CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT 4 Automatic Lead Capture 4 Lead Micro-segmentation and Bulk Campaign 4 Charts & Reports 5 PRE-SALES 5 Lead Nurturing 5 Lead Qualification 5 Relationship Discovery 5 Opportunity Management 5 Sales Pipeline 5 POST SALES 5 Cross Selling & Repeat Selling 5 SOCIAL CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT 6 SOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE / SUPPORT (TROUBLE TICKET) 6 SOCIAL CONTACT MANAGEMENT 7 CORPORATE COMMUNICATION & COLLABORATION 7 DEFECT & FEATURE TRACKING 8 CASE MANAGEMENT 8 DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT 8 MODULES 9 CALL CENTER MODULE 9 MOBILE WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT 10 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 10 RESUME MANAGEMENT 10 RECRUITMENT PROCESS MANAGEMENT 10 EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE TRACKING 11 HR POLICIES AND GUIDELINES DISTRIBUTION 11 EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION TRACKING AND ANALYSIS 11 REAL-ESTATE PROJECT & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND PROPERTY MATCHING 11 PROJECT PROCUREMENT 12 INTEGRATION SOLUTIONS 12 ACCOUNTING INTEGRATION 12 ERP INTEGRATION 12 OTHER INTEGRATIONS / OPEN API 12 DEMO & TUTORIAL VIDEOS 12 Overview Relaso products are built on Relaso platform, which is a high performing, linearly scalable platform (based on Java) for rapid application development and deployment. In addition to selling pre-packaged products over the web, Relaso products can be uniquely packaged to the need of the Enterprise customers for maximum flexibility. For instance a company may choose 20 CRM license, 10 Customer Support License, 7 Defect & Feature Tracking License and 40 Attendance System License for the entire organization. The entire organization can also benefit from the in-built communication and collaboration platform (think Yammer). Why Relaso CRM? Problem: Current solutions fail to meet customer needs as shown by high CRM failure rates ~ 50%, mostly contributed to poor end user adoption. End-users need to see value immediately, it should simplify not complicate their workflow. Solution: Relaso provides immediate benefits to the end-user with: • Simple, intuitive user interface, even primary-school dropouts use it o Access anytime, anywhere - No need to use computers, laptops or tablet, any mobile (even without internet access) is sufficient. Relaso supports all kind of updates and information search using just SMS. This allows sales force to update the CRM on the go and the reports and notifications are automatically generated in real time o Valuable information to close the deal, access anywhere – Relaso does research for you. ♣ It automatically fetches latest updates from Social media to give you an understands of your prospects concerns and requirements, his areas of interest and much more ♣ It provides at a glance overview of all the communication and activities with the prospect or customer (in case of cross-selling, up-selling etc) ♣ Relationship research – Relaso shows you how your lead is connected with other leads and contacts in the organization along with their purchase details etc., who referred them and so on. Relationship builds instant trust and gives much higher success rate o Instant follow-up – Capture new leads on the road and it is instantly available to back- office and sales staff for follow-up. According to The Lead response Management Study Problem: Piecemeal solution to related Enterprise components like CRM, Customer Service, Document Management, Case Management, HR Management, Defect Tracking System etc. increases complexity and cost. Relaso provides unified Solution: Relaso provides all of the above and more under a single platform with deep, seamless integration between modules, an Open API to integrate with any existing of future Desktop, Web-based Software or SaaS solution. Problem: Traditional CRM wasn't designed for Social Media and doesn't cope well, if at all, with customer-led communication in Social Media Solution: Relaso was developed ground-up keeping Social Media in mind with the fundamental paradigm that Customer is King on Social Media and can be BIG influencer, both positive and negative. As such Relaso has deep, seamless, real time integration with Social Media and leverage Social Media for Brand Monitoring Management (both your and your competitors), monitoring Employee behavior on Web and Social Media, getting new leads from Social media, capturing both negative feedback (for instant redressal) and positive feedback for further distribution and showcasing, all done within Relaso platform, capturing support requests, product enquiry communication and much more. Key Values of Relaso Platform • Customizable to your every needs • Capable to serve your complex analytics & reporting needs (multiple formats) • Accessible even from Rs 890 phones, without internet / data connectivity • Rich interface for Internet enabled phones & tablet devices • Multi-lingual – can be used in any language, searchable • Open API, open access to your data 24/7 • Highly Secure o SSL access as used in your Bank o Hosted on highly secure 64bit Enterprise Linux platform o Hardware & Software Firewall o Full protection against Trojans, Virus, Malware o State-of-the-art physical access protection with bio-metric scanner, prior approval etc. o Separate database per client with encrypted data • Automated Backup o Instant replication with RAID-1 o Offsite backup • Intelligent algorithms reduces typing, supplements data & improves efficiency • Fine grained, highly customizable roles and permissions • Communicate & collaborate with staff & leads, contacts anytime, anywhere • Bi-directional Web, Email, SMS, Social Media & Blog integration • No software to install, No minimum hardware requirements (SaaS Model) • Zero or minimal upfront cost (Software-as-a-Service) • Live global search simultaneously on multiple fields and records to easily find any data in real time • Offline access facility for low quality / intermittent connection as well as access through SMS only • Customizable and highly granular permissions and entitlement system to easily implement all hierarchical or any other permission controls and entitlements along with any exceptions / overrides Business Rules Powerful easily customizable Business Rules Module is at the heart of Relaso, which allows you to: • Automate regular business activity • Track abnormal activity across business domains and functions and notify and escalate as required • Provide event based notifications Workflow Management Relaso has a built-in Workflow System available to all Products and module which allows, among other things, automated rule base activity routing, call escalation, multi-step approval and much more. Products Customer Relationship Management Marketing Campaign Management Automatic Lead Capture Relaso Campaign module captures lead along with associated Campaign data automatically from: • Web site • Landing pages • Social Media (keyword, phrase based search on others account or using our dedicated account) o Twitter o Facebook o LinkedIn • Blogs (keyword, phrase based search on others blogs) • Public Websites (keyword, phrase based search on others Websites) • Online Advertisements like AdWords • Offsite Advertisement campaigns using QR Code & Short URL • Inbound SMS Campaigns, can capture demographic data of the lead, like o Expert Advice Campaign o Contest Campaigns o Freebies Campaign • Inbound Email Campaigns like Expert Advice Campaign Relaso provides a platform for quick lead segmentation using unique multi-tag based classification which is used to create real time campaigns using Bulk SMS, Email or Social Media communiqué. Lead Micro-segmentation and Bulk Campaign Leads and opportunities are tracked through various pipeline stages till completion to track and report for the campaign: • Leads Generated • Revenue • Profit • Return on Investment etc. Charts & Reports Multiple real time updated charts and graphs are provided to birds-eye view as well as detailed look into campaign data. In addition custom reports can be generated as with other modules. Pre-Sales Lead Nurturing Relaso allows you to easily create multiple highly targeted and personalized periodic Email newsletter and Bulk SMS (respecting local regulations) with personalized matches, for different categories of prospects. You can plan and execute any drip-marketing campaigns with Relaso. Lead Qualification Automated lead qualification and lead scoring can be done using your own business rules to provide more effective pipeline to your sales team. Relationship Discovery Relase captures relationship data between your leads, customers and contacts, either manually or through referral and other sources. This data is then used to discover new relationships. The end result is that you can find how your lead is connected (relationship) with other customers and leads. Prior relationship, which is not captured by any major CRM, provides invaluable data to approach a new lead and gives very high conversion rate as trust is established upfront. Opportunity Management Relaso provides comprehensive opportunity management and dashboard to track each opportunity from start to completion and even beyond. Relaso provides real time revenue and profit data (based on permission) to managers as well as sales person (restricted to their own data obviously) to know where the sales figure stand at any time and how much more needs to be done to meet the target. Blocker issues are instantly identified and escalated to management and can be viewed from dashboard for quick action and solution. Stage level analysis to identify bottlenecks can be easily done from Dashboard. Leaderboard can be provided as customization with automatic encouragement to capitalize on the inherent competitive spirit of the sales executive. Sales Pipeline Relaso supports multiple sales pipeline facility, which can be very easily configured to exactly match your multiple sales pipeline and stages. Post Sales Post sales activities like payment reminder, multiple levels of notifications on non-payment, task escalation can be easily automated. Cross Selling & Repeat Selling Rules based highly targeted, custom Email newsletters and SMS can be sent automatically or manually initiated. The system can also create tasks and provide notifications for personal calling and periodic satisfaction check etc. Social Customer Relationship Management Relaso Social Customer Relationship Management enables companies to acquire new customers, convert leads with high efficiency, retain existing customers as well as cross-sell new products and services to existing customers. Key features include: • Contact & Client Management • Easily and quickly add new contact / client from web or any mobile (even without internet access) • Easily manage contact / client, add notes, task, todo, events, opportunity etc. from web as well as any mobile • Rapidly segment contacts and clients based on multiple tags / categories for targeted real-time Email, SMS or Social Media based marketing campaign • Automate birthday, anniversary greetings and reminders • Schedule tasks and events, one time or recurring • Opportunity Management • Easily and quickly add new opportunity / deal from web or any mobile (even without internet add) • Easily manage opportunity / deal, add notes, task, todo, events, etc. from web as well as any mobile • Find out in real time actual and projected revenue and profit for any time period, drilled-down by individual sales person • Marketing Campaign Management • Easily and quickly add new campaign from web or any mobile (even without internet add) • Easily manage campaign, add notes, task, todo, events, etc. from web as well as any mobile • Automatically capture leads and opportunities associated with a campaign along with demographic data, as available • Find out in real time actual and projected revenue and profit for any time period for the campaign • Find out ROI of a campaign to help prioritize between campaigns • Full featured Case Management (think Basecamp on steroids) • Business Rules Engine and Workflow Management to easily map business processes and workflow • Global search simultaneously on multiple fields and records to easily find any data in real time • Over 70 standard reports to cover most business requirements • Ability to create custom reports along with daily, weekly email dispatch of reports • Ability to import data from any existing software, online and offline email client, CRM etc. • Create and manage marketing collaterals and even publish them on the web Social Customer Service / Support (Trouble Ticket) Relaso Social Customer / Service Support (Trouble Ticket) enables companies to provide very high quality customer service consistently in a highly efficient manner. Customers can file support requests / trouble tickets using Phone, SMS, Email, Web (Form), Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Customer Support Portal. Support Agents, Managers etc. can get notified about new tasks, tickets and updates via Email & SMS as well as through Relaso portal. Key features include: • Full support for any Customer Support / Service Workflow • Full Support for AMC with / without parts, PMC (with scheduled visits), On-Call / Incident call with / without parts, project call, etc. provided • Duplicate ticket merging support, provided through advanced algorithms and customer defined rules. • Automatic call routing (as well as manual routing) to relevant staff or supervisor with ability to manually override. • Rule based auto-escalation to comply with SLA and internal quality control. Any complex SLA supported. • Report on response & resolution times, capacity utilization report, efficiency report and many other standard reports. • Over 100 Standard reports provided. Ability to easily create custom reports along with daily, weekly, monthly etc. email dispatch of reports. • Easily create and manage FAQ & help documents and even publish them on the web • Notifications are via Email & SMS. Customers are notified of the status of ticket & updates. Support Executives / Agents, Managers etc. are notified of new tickets, updates, escalations etc. Social Contact Management Relaso Social Customer Relationship Management enables individual and companies to easily and efficiently add and manage new contacts and clients. Key features include: • Easily and quickly add new contact / client from web or any mobile (even without internet access) • Easily manage contact / client, add notes, task, todo, events, opportunity etc. from web as well as any mobile • Rapidly segment contacts and clients based on multiple tags / categories for targeted real-time Email, SMS or Social Media based marketing campaign • Automate birthday, anniversary greetings and reminders • Schedule tasks and events, one time or recurring • Built-in Standard reports along with ability to daily / weekly dispatch of reports • Ability to import data from any existing software, online and offline email client, CRM etc. Relaso Social Contact Management can be used by any individual, company / firm. It can also be bundled as a value added service with any laptop, desktop, tablet for a low per device price for 6 months free usage and optional co-branding. Corporate Communication & Collaboration Relaso provides a unified platform for communication within the organization, well controlled by permissions and entitlement. Employees can communicate using Relaso Web or Mobile version, by Email or SMS. The communication is searchable, attributable, reportable and archived. Business rules can be setup to track subversive, disruptive or deviant communication and notify appropriate authorities. Defect & Feature Tracking Relaso Defect & Feature Tracking is highly secure, easy-to-use, highly customizable, cloud based, Software-as-a-Service which enables companies to easily and efficiently track and manage defects and features. Defects and features can be added from Web or any Mobile as with other Relaso products. In addition to regular capabilities of managing complete defect workflow from filing to fixing and closing etc. along with notifications, the following capabilities are unique to Relaso: • Deep Subversion integration o Ability to close one or more defects from Subversion checkin comment o Ability to create new defects, todo, tasks and events from Subversion checkin comment o Automatic addition of Subversion info and comment as defect notes • Rapidly segment defects based on multiple tags / categories for easy drill-down • Schedule tasks and todoʼs against a defect to ensure no future activity is left behind • Global search simultaneously on multiple fields and records to easily find any data in real time Case Management Case management provides coordination of services on behalf of an individual person who may be considered a case in different settings such as health care, nursing, rehabilitation, social work, disability insurance, employment, and law. Case management is used for post-sales activities like managing installation, deployment, follow-up, periodic payment reminders, varying level of notification on non-payment etc. Case management includes capabilities to associate and manage multiple tasks, todo and events with a case. The permissions controlled module provides notification to the stakeholders when any new activity happens like a new task added or completes, new note or documents added etc. This allows all the stakeholders to remain updated on the state of the project at any time. The case management is a generic module, which is also re-purposed for project management, property management etc. Key Features include: • Automatic routing based on Business Workflow • Automatic escalation based on Business Rules • Periodic pre-scheduled activities Document Management The document management system allows you to Key features include: • Collaboratively create and edit documents shared with multiple individuals, group or globally o Notify all stakeholders automatically • Comment on a document and notify all stake holders automatically o Add one or more attachments • One click publishing on the web for global distribution • WYSIWYG Editor for composing & viewing with o Inline Images o Inline Audio & Video o Inline Flash object o Sketching • Signature Capture for record & authentication • Copy-paste documents directly from Microsoft Word, Excel • Notifications by Email & SMS • Use multiple tags for classification • Search in title and document content • Reporting Modules Call Center Module Relaso Call Center Module (locally installed hardware, for offline operation, integrated with Relaso SaaS) allows managing in-bound and outbound calls with deep integration with Relaso CRM as well as Relaso Customer Support and includes all capabilities of any modern call center and more. Few key aspects: • Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) o Record your custom greetings o Schedule working hours o Voice mail o Voice activated call routing o Directory o All Standard Features of IVRS • Call Recording for Quality Audit and Review • Capture Customer queries, order details o All call data is recorded for real time search, reporting and business analytics • Incoming calls brings up the Customer Details and History with o Instant access to customer history and purchasing details by Call Center Staff o Capture customer queries, order details, fill missing profile data etc. • Outgoing calls can be initiated from Relaso Web Interface o New tasks and meetings can be scheduled • Product documentation, e-Brochures, Quotation etc. can be sent immediately during or after call • Customer query and order data immediately available to backend for query response or order fulfillment • Works even without Internet connection in offline mode, synchronizes when Internet connection is available again • Access to wide array of standard reports and analytics and ability to easily create custom reports • Accept custom fields for demographic and other information unique to a businessʼ needs The user interface has been designed from ground-up for ease of use. We found employees without any computer know-how could be trained within 30 minutes or less and several months later they are still actively and happily using it. Mobile Workforce Management Mobile Workforce Attendance and Activity (like attending a Sales or Service call) can be logged on the road using SMS or Mobile App. With Mobile App, the location details is also captured and updated in real time on the server; works even without GPS (lower accuracy). Higher accuracy is obtained if the mobile has GPS or A-GPS. Business rules are used to monitor for abnormal patterns of attendance. Reports are generated to show working hours, broken down by work type etc. Human Resource Management Resume Management Relaso automatically extracts required skills from resumes received from Web site, Email etc. and tags them, which allows HR manager to easy micro-segment resumes based on required skills. With Bulk communication he can then instantly call them for Interview over Email, SMS etc. or individually schedule time for face-to-face or phone interview. Business rules are used to flag resumes with certain skill-set as soon as they arrive and notify to appropriate manager & HR Executive. Recruitment Process Management Starting with resume collection to completion of hiring and beyond, all the steps can be managed using Relaso, like multiple-rounds of interview, feedback collation and analysis, salary negotiation etc. Each interviewer can add his own notes, include tags, multiple attachments etc. for submitting his feedback and report. Email notes and SMS communication with the interviewer is also captured. All the data is kept against the candidate and is searchable, filterable with tags and available for reporting. Relaso allows capturing of all specific details about candidates with tags as well as custom fields. This helps in analytical assessment and review for better hiring. Social Media communication of prospective hire is automatically fetched, where available, for review during Interview. Business Rules can be added to flag specific issues for management review or even outright rejection. Employee Performance Tracking Employee skills & performance can be added by Manager(s), Human Resource personal and even colleagues (for 360-degree review), which can then be reviewed and acted upon by HR and Manager. The permissions system is used to ensure that only staff with proper authority has access to the performance data. All activities, sales performance of the employee is recorded, including but not limited to Email, Social Media interactions and more to ensure fair and scientific review. HR Policies and Guidelines Distribution HR Policies and guidelines is distributed and remains accessible using Relaso Document Management module. Employees can add their own thoughts and concerns which will only be visible to the appropriate authority, any response can also be likewise restricted unless intended for wider distribution. Such bi-directional communication ensures higher employee satisfaction as their voices and concerns are heard and acted upon. Employee Communication Tracking and Analysis Relaso captures the following kind of information for Tracking, Analysis, Reporting and Flagging for potential issues and provides appropriate notifications: • Employee to Employee communication using Relaso Communication module - which can be used from SMS, Email, Mobile, Web, Console • Emails to and from: ♣ Leads / Prospects ♣ Clients ♣ Contacts ♣ Employees • Social Media (Tweeter, Facebook, LinkedIn) communication of Employees (from registered accounts) Real-Estate Project & Property Management and Property Matching Note: This module requires some customization. Project data is kept in Relaso along with developer details, payment terms, contracts, sections / wings, property types and their details. Property (Flat, Bungalow) data is kept along with their properties like 2BHK, Marble Flooring, NE Facing, their location, zone, nearby data, in short all the data required to properly classify and make them searchable. Client requests are captured in opportunities and with a customized multi-tag based real time classification system matches are displayed and on selection, booked. Project Procurement Project procurement uses the case module to provide a systematic process of identifying and procuring, through purchase or acquisition, necessary services, good or results from outside vendors who will carry out the work. It can be configured using Custom data fields and also customized to suit specific needs and workflow of the organization. Integration Solutions Accounting Integration Relaso can be integrated with Tally using Tally XML over HTTP communication interface. Here are the basics of the generic interface provided by Tally: Relaso can also be integrated with other Accounting packages, if required. ERP Integration Relaso can be integrated with SAP using SAP Java Connector. Other Integrations / Open API Relaso Open API can be used to integrate with any third-party software and services. Demo & Tutorial Videos • Brief Introduction to Relaso Social CRM • Brief Social CRM Walkthrough • Hitler on CRM (humor) • How to set up Relaso in 6 minutes • Import • How to add new: o Contact o Business o Opportunity o Marketing Campaign • Contact Dashboards • Sales Pipeline • Creating Web Form