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UI / UX Prototyping ToolsUMESH .A BHAT K-MUG 26-07-2014OK, but Im not a designerChart17551442*Based on previous observations AudienceForecast : Todays Audience*Sheet1AudienceDevelopers75Students5DevOps14Architects4Designers2Whats in it for me ? You dont have to be a singer to appreciate good songs. The same applies to good design. You have approximately 60 seconds to impress a user, your code cant do that, Your UI can. UI / UX is not only software, its in everything you can touch and feel. And yes.. the answer is 42Good UI vs Bad UI What makes a good UI ? But but.. the client said, do it this way.. UI / UX is over hyped (*grabs popcorn) Weve XxzYX/ team to take care of this stuff.. Should I even care ?This is OKThis is NOT !! (yes, you should care)The Bane of Minimalism Make things simple but no simpler Minimalism doesnt mean cutting down on features It means presenting things one meaningful thing at a timeWireframing ToolsTypesPaperWebDesktopBrowserIm a developerTypesWebDesktopMobile / TabletUse Font IconsTest before you deploy, duh.. Usability testing is not a word Eat your own dog food A/B Testing Yes, spelling ish impotrant..No Questions ??Thank Youfb.com/xeracon@xeraconxeracon.in*