How to Build Self-Confidence using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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How to Build Self-Confidence Using Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingHow to Build Self-Confidence UsingNeuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)WithNLP Master Trainer & CoachDaniel SmithInterviewed byGraham StoneyAuthor ofConfident ManWhat Is NLP?Attitude & Techniques For ExcellenceInstruction Manual For Using Your MindUnderstanding Relationship DynamicsA Way Of Achieving ExcellenceModelingPick a Guy Who's Good, and Copy ThemDo What They Do...Not What They Say They DoHang Around With Confident PeopleObserve How They Act, & Do The SameAsk Yourself: How Do They Do That?Women and Other GuysWomen Want a Guy Who's at the TopFind Other Guys with More Confidence and Copy What They DoWhat is it That They're Doing Differently?Avoid Beating Yourself UpChanging Your Technique willChange Your ResultsYou Can ChangeAsking Better QuestionsGive Yourself PermissionAsking Why? Leads To ExcusesAsk How Could I Do That? InsteadWhat's The Payoff For Lacking Confidence?How Can I Adopt a Better Strategy,Right Now?Creating A Confident StatePosture Effects MoodStand Up Straight!Visualize Feeling ConfidentHold Your Body As-If You Were ConfidentMost Guys are in a Powerless state, Using Ineffective StrategiesAccess Your Best StateChanging State Using Your BodyPhysiology and Psychology are LinkedThink Of A Time That You Felt Really ConfidentNotice How You Felt In Your BodyWhen Feeling Bad, Move The Way You Move When You Feel GoodDo What WorksShoulders Back, Head TallWant to Hear More?The interview goes on to cover:How to Master Anything ConfidentlyThe Key Trap you MUST AvoidChanging Limiting BeliefsWhy You Don't Need a WheelchairThe full interview is available as a freebonus with the Confident Man ebook at