2008 Marketing Trends Predictions

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While seeking to bring you our 2008 trends prediction from an angle not suggested before, TrendsSpotting presents you the Meta Trends for 2008. For this, we selected a group of 10 marketing influencers suggesting their trends forecast for 2008. We profiled each forecast according to 3 relevant categories for general trends predictions: "in", "out" and "yet to come". Finally - We ran a tag cloud on all forecasts to present what will be "In" for 2008. How can this help you? You can see it as a summary tool for what we see as the best forecasts for 2008. From research perspective-what you get is 2 Influencers Focus Group one for Web and Tech trends, the other for marketing trends. From web 2.0 angle you get the most popular trend tags to the best / most popular trend reports. Hope you will find this useful. Do tell us your thoughts and insights


1.brought to you by 2008 MarketingTrendsPredictionsSpotting the trends of influencers2. 10Tech influencer &theirtrendsforecast for2008. Forecasts categorized intoin, out and yet to come*.. Tag cloud on all forecasts to present what will be In for 2008. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 2 00 8 TRENDS TrendsSpotting Influencers Focus Groupnote: this categorization is based on our own analysis * 3. WhatsIn? Blue Is The New Green Targeting Behavior1 MARIAN SALZMAN http://news.sky.com/skynews.. WhatsOut? Demographics The World is Local Coopt ConsumptionBlue is the New Green TransparencyOutwitting Disease Instant Gratification 2 00 8 TRENDS 4. WhatsIn? Specialist+ContactsWhatsOut? Creating TV ads All Digital Earned Attention 10 Trends in Digital Ads 2 GILES RHYS JONEShttp://interactivemarketingtre.. TV Directors Creating experiences digital as USPBuying Attention 2 00 8 TRENDS 5. WhatsIn? Scalable Emerging Media WhatsOut? Struct User Gen Content Games2.0 :Asnyc Games TV 30 Spots Unstructured UGC 2008 Consumer Internet Prediction 3 JEREMY LIEWhttp://lsvp.wordpress.com 2 00 8 TRENDS 6. WhatsIn? Rise of N-11 WhatsOut? Social Networking Handmade The Shape Of Things To Come http://www.guardian.co.uk 4 JAMES HARKIN P2P *Sharing /Lending Rev Migration to ChinaSocial Reputation Mgmt 2 00 8 TRENDS 7. WhatsIn? More Radiohead D2CWhatsOut? KINDLE = Web Browser Google into Set Top Box Daily News papersThe future promises loss, revenge, surprise.. 5 http://www.businessweek.com/.. JON FINE Yetto Come Cell phone as Media Microsoft Media offerings 2 00 8 TRENDS 8. WhatsIn? Premium Instant(Kindle) WhatsOut? Eco Icon(Fashion/Design) ExperiencesBasic 8 Important Consumer Trends for 2008.. 6 http://www.trendwatching.com.. TRENDWATCHING Yetto Come Mobile World WideEco Ugly Products Mobile Access , Products, Network Sell it Yourself Make it YourselfGlobal World /Crowd Social Media, Android,Open Source 2 00 8 TRENDS 9. WhatsIn? CustomizedVirtual World WhatsOut? Ad Effectiveness 1-1 Marketing Second Life Online Advertising Continues To Evolve & Mature. 7 http://www.adotas.com/2007.. DILIP DASILVA Clicks Local Ad Platforms Make it Yourself Video :Overlay Ad Semantic Tools= MarketingTools 2 00 8 TRENDS 10. WhatsIn? Proving GreennessWhatsOut? Out Of Home Ads Contextual AdsMarketers Should Avoid Over-hyped Opportunities ..8 http://consumerlab.wordpress.com/ DREW NEISSER MarketingExperiences/Services Mobile +Game +Video + Widget +SN = Mkt Tools 2 00 8 TRENDS 11. WhatsIn? Mobile Experiences Smart Phone/Cool Phone WhatsOut? Users Control Overcontent & Feature Mobile Web(Android/Kindle) 2008 is the Year of Mobile Media. 9 http://darmano.typepad.com/.. DAVID ARMANO Social Exp on MobileWebsite/Widget Web site +Widget + Multiple Device 2 00 8 TRENDS 12. WhatsIn? Search Moptimization WOMbagging WhatsOut? Friendiligience +conv. with customers Social mediation &we-bargaining with customer Official 2008 Web 2.0 Buzzword Forecast 10 http://www.clickz.com/.. PETE BLACKSHAW Recruiting & owningthe influencers Greenlashing Credibility of invitationsNew content forms 2 00 8 TRENDS 13. 2008 Marketing Trends Predictions Cloud tags: whats in for 2008? Generated by tagcrowd.com 2 00 8 TRENDS 14. 2 00 8 TRENDS Discover more trends at: www.trendsspotting.com