Augmented reality (Access virtual world)

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Augmented Reality (AR)Augmented Reality (AR)Chirag Thakkar (MCA-1ST SEM-41)INDEXWHAT IS AUGMENTED REALITY?Augmented Reality vs. Virtual RealityMILGRAMS REALITY-VIRTUALITY CONTINUUMCOMBINING THE REAL AND VIRTUAL WORLDSREALISTIC MERGINGFAILURES IN REGISTRATIONDISPLAY TECHNOLOGIESUSES OF AUGMENTED REALITYWHAT IS AUGMENTED REALITY?A combination of a real scene viewed by a user and a virtual scene generated by a computer that augments the scene with additional information.ARToolkit demo movieT-immersion 2004 videoJ.A.R.V.I.S. CONCEPT OF ARAugmented Reality vs. Virtual RealityAugmented RealitySystem augments the real world sceneUser maintains a sense of presence in real worldNeeds a mechanism to combine virtual and real worldsHard to register real and virtualVirtual RealityTotally immersive environmentSenses are under control of systemNeed a mechanism to feed virtual world to userHard to make VR world interestingMILGRAMS REALITY-VIRTUALITY CONTINUUMMixed Reality (MR) Real Environment Virtual EnvironmentAugmented Reality (AR)Augmented Virtuality (AV)Milgram coined the term Augmented Virtuality to identify systems which are mostly synthetic with some real world imagery added such as texture mapping video onto virtual objects.COMBINING THE REAL AND VIRTUAL WORLDSWe need:Precise modelsLocations and optical properties of the viewer (or camera) and the displayCalibration of all devicesTo combine all local coordinate systems centered on the devices and the objects in the scene in a global coordinate systemCon..Register models of all 3D objects of interest with their counterparts in the sceneTrack the objects over time when the user moves and interacts with the sceneREALISTIC MERGINGRequires:Objects to behave in physically plausible manners when manipulatedOcclusionCollision detectionShadowsFAILURES IN REGISTRATIONFailures in registration due to:NoisePosition and pose of camera with respect to the real sceneImage distortionsTime delaysIn calculating the camera positionDISPLAY TECHNOLOGIESMonitor BasedLaptopsCell phonesProjectors (more Ubiquitous Computing)Head Mounted Displays:Video see-throughOptical see-throughMONITOR BASED AUGMENTED REALITYSimplest availableTreat laptop/PDA/cell phone as a window through which you can see AR world.Sunglasses demoMONITOR BASED ARSuccessful commercializationYellow line in football broadcastsGlowing hockey puckBaseball cardsAd campaignsOPTICAL SEE-THROUGH HMDVIDEO SEE-THROUGH HMDUSES OF AUGMENTED REALITYInteractive in real-time Real time processingData can be generated in real timeCon..Registered in three dimensions Imagery is in 3DGraphics and Models are created by DesignersCon..Video GamesPhysical interactions with 3D modelsPresentationsCan now be more interactiveTelevisionYou will be able to watch TV in 3D any whereTheme ParkRides can now be even more realisticSimulationsDriving, Flying, EtcTHANK YOU