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1. The Ultimate Mobile Social ToolAndroid Editionwww.buddymob.com 2. What is BuddyMob? Your friends at your fingertips on your Android phoneShare what you see, hear and think…


1. The Ultimate Mobile Social ToolAndroid Editionwww.buddymob.com 2. What is BuddyMob? Your friends at your fingertips on your Android phoneShare what you see, hear and think with your buddies. Follow what they post andwhere they are, anytime, anywhere.With BuddyMob, you will discover new ways to interact with your friends What makes BuddyMob unique? - Text and geo-tagged multimedia content micro-blogging - Find out where friends are and what they are doing using GoogleMaps - Chat with friends using the complete integration with instant messaging applications such as MSN, AIM, Jabber and GoogleTalk - Simultaneously cross post to favourite web and mobile social sites - Keep up to date with friends' live feeds from other social networks such as Twitter (and Facebook in March 2009) - Receive location alerts when friends are close to you 3. Trends and positioningNew trends… - Technologies (3G/3G+, GPS&CellID, XMPP, multimedia devices under $100, open-source mobile OS…) - Ecosystem (unlimited data plan, APIs, location-based services, AppStore and Android Market…) - Usages (mobile instant messaging, social networking, micro-blogging, content sharing, local search, GPS)bring new concepts… - Devices get connected to the Internet, to retrieve and post instant and localized information - Phones become multi purposes communication tools - Users want to communicate and keep tracks of their friends, anywhere, anytime, on any device.and new applications ShareRetrieveLocalize Texts WeatherContactFriends FollowVideosTraffic ContentPhotosLocal news POIAudioHot picks 4. How does it work? Announcements,Proximity alerts,Friendship requests,Posts and Messages are displayed here Direct access to key features: Home, Contacts, Timeline,Maps, MessagesFrom this page users can sign-in, search for a friend, post a content or enter their settings 5. Easy sign-up 6. Contacts tab Users can chose an avatar, be localized or not, enter a presence messageThey can chat with friends connected toBuddyMob, MSN, Gtalkor other IM applicationsBuddyMob users can belocalized by their friendsif they publish theirlocation (see the blue Earth icon) 7. Timeline tab All friends feeds areaggregated in a timeline. Posts come from BuddyMob, Twitter orFacebook*BuddyMob supports text, audio, image and video posts. They can bepublic or private. Posts are geo-localizedif they come fromBuddyMob and if the author wants to publishthis informationFacebook support in the Public Beta release in March 2009 8. Post displayA long-click on a postopens a new display,with the content, the author and otheravailable information 9. Location tab Friends can be locatedon a GoogleMap withinthe application. A proximity alert can beset with a specific range when a friend comes nearbyUsers must agree prior to location publishing. They always have theoption to stop it instantly. 10. Chat tab BuddyMob provides free instant messaging withfriends from major IM applications Several discussions canbe opened at the sametime 11. Settings In the Settings, userscan define if they want to stay connected all the timeThey can choose to bealerted when a friend approaches They can enter theirMSN, Twitter or other supported applicationsto retrieve their existingfriends and content. 12. How does it work? Technical background - OS: Linux/Debian - Client/Server connection protocol: XMPP and BOSH mobile connection manager - Developpement server side: Erlang, Python, PHP - Developpement client side: Google Android SDK / Eclipse - Application server, webserver and database engine: Nginx/PHP/MySQL - Platform and hosting: Amazon Web Services cloud computing solutions - 24/7 monitoring and alerting system 13. What users say about BuddyMob quot;Great idea! This app is awesome.quot; Jessequot;Good app.. Seems real user friendly especially.. good things to comequot; Miguelquot;Best app in the market.quot; Johnquot;This is one of the more professional apps on the market.quot; Xenomorphquot;Awesome app and recommend that everyone should download it...quot; Anonymousquot;Very useful application!quot; Jonathanquot;This app is definately fire... Me likey nice interface. smooth appquot; Larryquot;Great concept! Works great!quot; Justin 14. The Android LaunchWhy Android? - As mobile application developers, we do not like to be stuck with proprietary and aging interfaces. Android is the first truly open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices. - Android is supported by dozens of hardware manufacturers and scales to every device. - It is free, Linux-based, open-source and cheaper to develop with. - Third party development is possible and encouraged. - Android Market brings us worldwide reach and audience. Launch results - In less than 4 weeks, BuddyMob has been downloaded 17,000 times from the Android Market - 15,000 members registered - 4th most popular application in the Social category of the Android Market - Rating of 4,2 on 5, from 1000+ users - According to our figures, 2% of the active owners of a G1 phone have installed the application 15. Business modelMobile advertising efficiency can be dramatically improved when using the unique advantages of mobile phones : instant, personal and localizedMobile users accept advertising if the message is relevant. Bring 10 people in a shop and 7 of them will purchase something… For large retail chains with hundred of shops around the country, location-based ads in mobile applications is key to developing their revenues.BuddyMob is the ultimate tool to deliver these ads towards mobile end-users Free to use, BuddyMob is ad-funded using a combination of location-based advertising and adverts served according to a user's profile, ensuring relevancy, higher click-through and therefore better revenue generation. 16. RoadmapProduct 1st of December 2008: launch of the Private Beta application on Android Market (1.0.0) 20th of December 2008: following hundred of requests from beta testers, the 1.0.1 is released, supporting AIM instant messaging protocol March 2009: Public Beta stage, with Facebook connectivity, a public Timeline and a new search engine to find new friends nearby your location June 2009: iPhone versionMarketing December 2008: launch of the Private Beta on Android Market and in the UK to fine-tune the application February 2009: launch of the Public Beta in the US and Europe Spring 2009: launch in China, following the introduction of the first Android phone for the Chinese market