Confluence State of the Union - Atlassian Summit 2010

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Confluence State of the Union Sherif Mansour & Bill Arconati, Atlassian


Slide 11Sherif Mansour, Product ManagerBill Arconati, Product Marketing ManagerAtlassianState of the Union - Confluence2A year already?New FeaturesNew Plugins Starter Licenses3Agenda What is Confluence? Where are we today? What have we been up to? Where are we going?4What is Confluence?5DocumentationLaunch plans Project StatusBrainstorming FeedbackSpecificationsRequirementsLaunchBuildPlanConceptTrack&Discuss1234Confluence is for technical teams...6But is useful for much more...Intranets Knowledge ManagementDocument Collaboration Wiki for SharePointTeam Spaces Reduce Email7Where we are today8The Confluence family is growing! 25,0009,1001,60014,4009And so is the plugin ecosystem 26010`More plugins than ever11And frequent releases Confluence 3.1 (Dec 2009) Confluence 3.2 (Mar 2010) Confluence 3.3 (Jun 2010)In BETA now!NovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJuly12That solve your problems 310 issues resolved500 votes satisfied 13What weve been up to14General improvements15 Confluence 3.1 Office 2007 Support Draft page comparisons Page restrictions dialog Confluence 3.2 Bundled Page Templates Images in search results Move and Re-order pagesLots of improvements16And more in 3.3 Confluence 3.3 New blog layout Notifications for Blogs and Networks New security features Manage page watchers ...and much more In BETA Now!17SharePoint Connector 1.2 SharePoint 2010 Support NTLMv2 and Kerberos Connect multiple AD domainsAvailable Today!18JIRA integration19Embed OpenSocial Gadgets20Confluence gadgets everywhereConfluenceActivity StreamConfluenceQuick Navigation21Put a wiki inside JIRA22Editing experience23Editor HAS to beFast Simple Rich24Autocomplete for linksFastSimpleRich25Autocomplete for attachmentsFastSimpleRich26Autocomplete for macrosFastSimpleRich27Macro browser smart fieldsFastRichSimple28Keyboard shortcutsFastSimpleRich29Link BrowserRichFastSimple30Property panel for linksRichFastSimple31Drag and drop attachmentsRichFastSimple32Image BrowserRichFastSimple33Property panel for imagesRichFastSimple34Rich Documentation35...and Easy Reader36Editor HAS to beFast Simple Rich37Editor evolution3. browserdrag & drop autocompleteinsert menuright-clickimage browserlink browserkeyboard shortcutsauto macrosproperty panelsPastPresentFuture38Editor core39New editor core New architecture XHTML back-end Improved stability Basis for high-demand features Includes all existing features PLUS: Intuitive interface New editing toolbar Full-screen editing Macro placeholders .... so what does it look like?40Editor demo41This gets you...Fast Simple Rich42And for Administrators... Improved LDAP Support Admin Web UI Nested groups Performance and caching improvements New Plugin Manager Universal Plugin Manager Cross-product linking Unified AppLinks Shared gadget directories43Help shape the future!1. Sign up for the peep show (today)2. Try the Confluence 3.3 beta3. Sign up for the User Task Keep providing feedback!ATLASSIAN USER TASK!"#$%&'$()!"#$%&$%'(%&)*$+**,$%-$&*.$+#"'/)-$'*012&0344Thank you45


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