Creating Engaging Multi-device eLearning

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C R E A T I N GENGAGING MULTI-DEVICE ELEARNINGTHE NEW LEARNING AGENDA44%WHY?LEARNERS DON'T WISH [1]TO ENGAGE WITH ONLINE LEARNING LACK OF SOMEWHERE APPROPRIATE TO STUDYUNINSPIRING CONTENTCAN'T FIND WHAT THEY NEED45% 37% 33%WHAT CAN BE DONE?[2]PURPOSE 1[4]MOTIVATION2MOTIVATIONWIIFMBUILD FOR MULTI-DEVICEFREE UP THE NAVIGATIONMAKE ITPURPOSEFUL, CONVERSATIONALKEEP IT BYTE SIZE, SEARCHABLEACTION MAPPING BY CATHY MOOREHOW?Increase widget sales[5]INTERACTIVITY3Engaging eLearning is a term thats quite pervasive these days. Different devices, screen sizes, OSs, browsers, and multiple combinations of these make the creation of engaging eLearning and its delivery quite complex. However, the need for engaging eLearning can no longer be sidelined and studies indicate so too.Creating engaging eLearning is a complex process which involves a lot of complex parameters. However, for a good start focus on the following 3 aspects.Most eLearning is created with an ultimate purpose of behaviour change and so the purpose has to be clearly established before attempting to create engaging eLearning.[3]Visit Cathys website for more details and examples. Motivation is crucial for any eLearning to happen. As intrinsic motivation in adults is quite uncommon, learning designers need to ensure motivation through Instructional Design. Things to focus on:Interactivity is the most misunderstood and misused term. In eLearning it is mostly used in terms of 'levels' of output where higher levels typically denote higher interactivity.However,'INTERACTIVITY IS NOT ENGAGEMENT'Try to achieve this by focusing on meaningful interactivities.INTERACTIVITY OF THE MINDSUMMING UPIn order to create an engaging learning experience, the role of instructor is optional, but the role of learner is essential.- Bernard Bull1. the learners to be able to perform their roles in the best possible way, the eLearning we create has to be interesting, innovative, motivating and engaging.STORY TELLING- We remember more from stories- Are more interested and receptiveVIDEOS- Videos are great on all devices - Interactive videos have great potential MEANINGFUL INTERACTIONS- Give a real scenario/context- Something to do which is closer to real job tasks- Provide elaborate feedbackAN ENGAGING BOOK WITH NO INTERACTIVITYHOW?Infographic by