Da vinci, ekaterina hristova

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  • 1. Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519

2. Born in Vinci, Tuscany,Italy (15th Apr. 1452) Mother Catarina, father Ser Piero, a public notary Went to school there,studied geometry and Latin He lived there until he was14 Then moved to Florencewhere he began anapprenticeship in theworkshop of Verrocchio. 3. started an apprenticeship inthe workshop of Andrea delVerrocchio 1466 (sculptor,painter, goldsmith, bronzecaster and more) the mixing of colors andthen he painted simple partsof paintings, taught himselfto paint in oils at this time In June 1472 - listed in thered book of painters fromFlorence, end ofapprenticeship. 4. Leonardo da Vincisfirst known and datedwork (5th of August1473) "the perspective ofdisappearance". 5. "Baptism ofChrist", 1472-1475,assisted his masterVerrocchio 6. 1476, accused tohave a homosexualaffair with JacopoSaltarelli (a model),acquittal 7. The BenoisMadonna, 1478 8. St.Jermoe,1481 Never finished Now in theVatican 9. Milan (1482-1499) The Last Supper Many unfinished works Gran Cavallo 10. The virgin of theRocks, 1483 - 86 11. Mona Lisa(1503-1505/1507) Sfumato (smokyeffect) 12. France (1516), Amboise, Le Clos Luce Dies 2 May 1519 13. By Cesare Mussini (1929)the last meeting


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