Eco friendly going paperless with online document management system

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  • 1. Eco-friendly: Going Paperless with Online Document ManagementSystemI have been visiting various builders and realtors to buy my dream home. Most of the buildersgave me their brochures, which included the home plan and the price per square foot. However,an upcoming building company gave me a CD instead of their paper brochure. The salesmanager told me the CD contains the plan of their entire project as well as the price per squarefoot. Seeing me being surprised, he told me that they are an eco-friendly firm who believes inminimum paper consumption to increase their work efficiency, to save time and money. Heshowed me the CD with all the project details on his laptop. It was awesome to see the wholehousing society in a multidimensional view. It also helped me visualize how my apartmentwould look like when completed. Thanks to the innovative technology, which makes goinggreen very much possible and easy.Free Document Sharing made easy through Apptivo.Benefits of Online Electronic Document Management SystemPaperless office is not only environment-friendly and cost-effective, but also improves theefficiency of the organization concerned. Either the organization can install a software which iscustom designed to conjure a paperless office or can adopt an online document managementsystem.Saves Office Space When online document management system is in place, it frees a lot offile cabinet space. When you document papers in files, they occupy a lot of space and there isalso the possibility of it getting lost.Easy to Organize and Keep Track of Files Online documentation system allows the user toorganize the files and also retrieve the required files with ease. You can also keep track of thefiles because they are auto arranged either by date or by name. Electronic documentationreduces the risk of losing any important information, since you can have a back up. 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.

2. Cost Effective Adopting online file management system drastically reduces the operationaland administrative costs. Online file storage service makes the process of invoicing, projectmanagement, pay slips and debt collection easier. Small business houses, which are usingonline file management systems, need no technical support. The SaaS vendor takes care of notonly implementation, but also of maintenance and timely upgradation.Tight Data Security Online data management system offers better security than the offlinedocument storage system. The access privilege to documents can be set with online filemanagement system. A good online document system will display the history of accesses andyou can conduct security audit from time to time.Quick Online Collaboration and Sharing Introducing online document management allowsvarious teams to function together. Imagine the wastage of paper if the same file had to be sentto various teams. Online collaboration becomes easy because the data can be viewed andshared digitally. There is no loss of time, which increases the productivity of an organization.Small businesses can leverage online document management tools to organize themselves andcontribute their bit to saving the environment. This way, they go beyond mere financial gainsand give back their bit to the nature in some way.Maya Pillai is passionate about helping small businesses and professionals. She is a blogger forApptivos Small Business University. 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.


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