Google Analytics Goals and Funnels

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  • 1. Goal : the page a visitor reaches once they have completed a desired actionFunnel : The (optimized) steps along the way to the goal

2. Are you losing visitors? Where? 3. Sstep 3Sstep 2Sstep 1 4. Name the goal somethingintuitive. In thisexample it might beseClass Registrationhether youant theoal toe active n) now Most library scenario goalswill probably fall under theURL Destination type 5. Here add the URL of the thankyou page 6. Exact match has to be EXACTLY the sameas the URL.even leading or trailingspaces will cause it to fail 7. add theURL(s) of thepage(s)along thepath a userwould taketo get fromthehomepageall the waythrough tothe thankyou page