How the TV remote changed our lives

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1. How the TV remote changed our lives 2. The age of egocastingRemote controlCable televisionOn demandPersonal media 3. Space Command 200Space Command 200Space Command 600 Primary use: immobile novelty seeking 4. 5. StudiesKrendl& Troiano: ToddlersPerse& Ferguson: Men vs. WomenEastman & Neal-Lunsford: Viewer loyaltyKubey & Csikszentmihalyi: Television AddictionPediatrics: ADHD 6. EffectsA nation of grazersGroup polarizationConsumption ofculture through mediating technologies 7. Video recordingForrester Research: Increased TV useDTG (UK): 3 more hours per weekNext Research: 5-6 more hours per weekThe TiVo Story: Everyone deserves home entertainmentTrying to watch less leads to moreIncreasingly popular in the U.S. 8. Personal mediaMichael Bull: absent presenceGabriel Sherman: like a drug Changing relationship between producer and audience 9. QuestionsRecent changes in media consumption?Examples of group polarization?Culture skewed by mediating technologies? 10. References:Rosen, C. (Fall 2004- Winter 2005). The age of egocasting. The New Atlantis, Retrieved from: Zenith Space Commander 600 byJim Rees56zenithby D. HarlandTV Remotes by waldopepperBokeh and Macro by CameliaTWUBlurry TV by kittykatfishLeichtman, B. (2010). Press release: DVRs now in 40% of U.S. TV households. Retrieved from: Studying Hard by Brendan DeanTiVoby yum9meshoo shoo. shoo bee doo byce matin, un lapinControl Room by abbyladybugiPod Nano Reflection by jwpacifist