How to Enhance Library Instruction with Mobile Devices

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2. HOW PEOPLE LEARN HAS CHANGED 3. ANYTIME ANYWHERE 4. INFORMAL 5. COLLABORATIVE 6. STUDENT CENTERED 7. IMMERSIVELearning about theLearning in the worldworld 8. WELCOME TO THE INFO BUFFET 9. IF YOUR STUDENTS ARE MOBILE IS YOUR TEACHING? 10. MOBILE LEARNING 11. QR CODES Short for Quick Response Originally developed for inventory control Need a QR code reader to read Scan a QR code to access info or take action 12. SCANNING A QR CODE CAN... Pull up text content Dial a phone number or send a txt Pull up a web page Check into Foursquare or Like on Facebook Pull up an image or video Add event to calendar Add to contacts Display a point in Google maps 13. QR CODE GENERATORS ANDREADERS 14. HyperlinksCONNECTED WEB PAGES QR CODESCONNECT PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL 15. QR CODES FOR LEARNING 16. QR CODES FOR LEARNING 17. LOCATION-AWARE MOBILELEARNINGUse GPS, compass, RFID, etc. to determine a users orientation to other people, places, things, etc. 18. PROJECT GREENHAT 19. SICK AT SOUTH BEACH 20. WOLFWALK 21. AUGMENTED REALITY Blending virtual data with what you see in the real world 22. iTACITUS 23. LUDWIG II: WALKING IN THEFOOTSTEPS OF A FAIRYTALE KING 24. MENTIRA: LANGUAGE LEARNING GAME 25. 26. PERSONAL LEARNINGENVIRONMENTS 27. 28. BUT, WHERE ARE THE REST OF US? 29. LIBRARY APPLICATIONSFOR MOBILE LEARNING 30. ORIENTATIONS AND TOURS 31. IPHONE APP 32. 38 33. NO CELL PHONE? NO PROBLEM!DANSL - QR code application to be used with a web camCan also use iPod Touch or iPad2 to read QR codes 34. POINT OF NEED INSTRUCTION 35. GET IN THEIR FLOW 36. NEEDS ASSESSMENTS Web stats Where do patrons get frustrated and leave the library web site? Reference transcripts and stats Talk to colleagues Survey patrons Usability testing Ethnographic research 37. USES OF QR CODES 38. USES OF QR CODES 39. USES OF QR CODES 40. USES OF QR CODES 41. ARE NEAR-FIELD COMMUNICATIONS THE NEXT STEP? A way for devices to receive information at close range RFID is an example User no longer has to take the initiative to scan something. 42. WHAT ABOUT MOBILE VISUAL SEARCH? 43. SCREENCASTS Movie taken of your desktop Good for demonstrating library website,databases, etc. Audio narration, captioning, spotlighting,interactive components Various export options (dependent onsoftware) 44. CLASSROOMINSTRUCTION 45. WHO NEEDS A COMPUTERLAB? 46. MOBILE DEVICE AS PERSONALRESPONSE SYSTEM 47. THE BEST OF BOTHWORLDS: HOTSEAT 48. THE ANSWER FOR THE ONE-PAGE HANDOUT 49. OUTREACH 50. GETTING OUTSIDE OF THE LIBRARY Fliers and posters that link to instructional content Put them where users might have information needs outside of the library Buses, business support organizations, daycare centers, community centers, high schools, academic department offices, student lounges, computer labs, etc. 51. RESEARCH TIPS VIA SMS 52. CONSIDERATIONS 53. MOBILE WEB CONTENT Questions to Ask Do you create a separate mobile version ofyour site or just serve up a differentstylesheet based on the device? Do you design for the most commonly-usedsmartphones or also design for featurephones? Do you use a detection algorithm to redirectusers to the mobile site or make them go to aseparate URL? 54. NATIVE APPS STILL HAVE SOME BENEFITSBetter designed for each specific platformMore integrated into the deviceSupport for widgets and notificationsCan access hardware (GPS, camera, etc.)Not slowed down as much by the WebEasier to monetize 55. VIDEODo you host it yourself or elsewhere (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)Captioning is critical (accessibility!!)Make sure you record at an appropriate resolution (4x3 is ideal)Keep it short!!! 56. HOW MANY OF OUR PATRONS HAVE A QR CODE READER? 57. MOBILE TIPS Offer incentives (contest, bonus content, etc.) toincrease awareness of library mobile services. Provide instructions for things like QR codes,apps, augmented reality, etc. Track usage of your mobile content (GoogleAnalytics, etc.) Some URL shorteners will show stats of how many times theyve been accessed Some QR code generators have web stats functionality 58. QR CODE TIPS Test your code!!! Make sure its going to mobile-friendly content QR code size: ideal = 1.5 inch sq. some phones canwork with smaller Some QR code generators provide usage stats Use a URL shortener so the QR code wont be socrowded. QR code size: ideal = 1.5 inch sq. some can work assmall as 0.4 in. Dont use proprietary barcode generators thatrequire a specific reader 59. WHY ITS CRITICAL TO KNOW YOUR USERS 60. Questions?Find me (at) gmail.comflickr, twitter: librarianmer facebook: meredithfarkas and bibliography at


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