How to ensure a successful Google Play launch?

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This document helps carriers prepare for launching direct carrier billing on Google Play. While your technical and nancial teams are preparing infrastructure and reconciliation, in parallel you should involve your marketing team into the launch process in order to maximize user activations and revenue from the rst day of launch. Share this document with them to give a helping hand!INTRODUCTIONHow to ensure a successful Google Play launch?Launch your GooglePlay landing pageConduct a social media campaign promoting the payment methodConduct a recurring Push SMS campaign to your Android usersCongure error messages so users would retry payments after failed attemptsWHAT SHOULD YOU THE MARKETING TEAM DO BEFORE LAUNCH?In order for users to make payments on Google Play, they need to initially set up (activate) their SIM card through the app store interface. This means during the 12 months after after the launch, your focus should be on getting as many users to activate carrier billing on Google Play as possible. Without any marketing activities, the usual average amount of activations after 12 months is 7-8% of your Android subscriber base. Based on past experience, carriers who also put marketing eort on increasing user activations are able to reach 20-25%. ACTIVATIONSAFTER 12 MONTHSWITHOUT ANY MARKETINGACTIVITIES7-8% WITH MARKETING ACTIVITIES20-25%How to ensure a successful Google Play launch?IN ORDER TO REACH THE 25% GOAL, THE FOLLOWING ACTIVITIES SHOULD BE PREPARED BEFORE LAUNCHING ON THE APP STORE:Landing page on your homepage set up with information about Google Play including:Overview of what direct carrier billing is and what are its benetsExamples of popular apps where payment can be done (market-specic, can be identied via App Annie) Tutorial on how to activate carrier billing for Google Play (either a step-by-step screenshot walkthrough or a video)Frequently asked questions: what to do in case of activation failures, who to contact in case of payment disputes, how to cancel subscriptions, how to view past purchases, how to set up Parental Controls for devices being used by minorsFor reference, check examples from Singtel, Globe and Optus Social media campaigns prepared to communicate availability of direct carrier billing on Google Play to subscribers:Highlight the convenience of making payments through their mobile operatorHighlight popular apps for which they can now pay with direct carrier billingShare your landing page and tutorial videos to help users understand how to activate direct carrier billing on Google PlayHow to ensure a successful Google Play launch? ORDER TO REACH THE 25% GOAL, THE FOLLOWING ACTIVITIES SHOULD BE PREPARED BEFORE LAUNCHING ON THE APP STORE:List of Android users in subscriber base identied:Recurring Push SMS campaign set up for unactivated Android users, directing them to the Google Play landing page with a call to action to activate their accountCorrectly conguring error messages:Error messages displayed to subscribers on Google Play can be customized by Fortumo; if possible, also have a separate Push SMS notication sent to the user when a payment failure occursGoogle Play defaults users to the payment method they used in the store the last time. Error messages should be as clear and helpful as possible as users who are unable to troubleshoot their issue might switch to another payment method instead and never try to pay with direct carrier billing againFor prepaid users, the main failure reason is insucient balance. Explain in the Google Play and Push SMS error message that their payment failed due to insucient balance on their SIM card and provide a link to your web top-up portal or call-to-action to top up at a retail locationFor postpaid users, the main failure reason is reaching the spending limit. Explain in the Google Play and Push SMS error message what the limit is and when it is resetFor postpaid users, set up a Push SMS solution where users who have reached a limit are reminded when the limit is reset (e.g. at the beginning of the month)How to ensure a successful Google Play launch?HEAVY USERS25%COUNT OF USERSDISTRIBUTION OF REVENUECONFIGURING SPEND LIMITSIt is critical to congure spend limits in a way that do not obstruct legitimate users from making payments as they want. Across all markets, approximately 60-70% of revenue is generated by 25% of the subscribers.Setting spending limits too low means users are unable to make as many payments as they want. In some cases, it also blocks users from purchasing content, such as in cases of expensive navigation, oce productivity and anti-virus applications. We recommend setting the monthly spend limit to at least $100. This is the threshold where most of our carrier partners have identied revenue to be the biggest while credit risk has not increased. However, this is strongly dependent on market specics and we strongly encourage you to reach out to Fortumo to discuss the monthly spend limit before making any nal decisions. How to ensure a successful Google Play launch?HEAVY USERS60-70%Do not set spending limits on prepaid accounts: the account balance acts as their spending limitThe spending limit for postpaid accounts should be set to at least $100; consult with Fortumo before you make any nal decisions on spending limitsDo not set daily spending limits for subscribersNote that spend limits should only be applied to postpaid accounts as the account balance itself acts as a spending for prepaid SIM card users.We do not recommend to apply any daily spend limits on Google Play as this will prevent legitimate users from making transactions and also makes subscribers unable to pay for some content. For example, many productivity tools (antivirus, GPS, oce suites) have high pricing and with daily spend limits, users will not be able to purchase these apps.To prevent cases where minors make purchases without their parents consent, Parental Controls information should be present on your Google Play landing page, parents should be recommended to have their e-mail in the childs Google Play account (to receive payment receipts) and your support sta should recommend its usage to parents.How to ensure a successful Google Play launch? TO EXPECT AND KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR AFTER LAUNCH?Revenue and user activations growth: during the rst 6 months, revenue and user growth should be at least 30% month-on-monthSpending limits: no more than 10% of people should reach your monthly spending limitFailed payments: revenue from failed transactions should not exceed revenue from charged transactionsHow to ensure a successful Google Play launch?In order to increase revenue and user activation growth, refer back to the marketing activities listed above. If you have not conducted any or some of them by now, this is the time to do it.Should more than 10% of your users reach the monthly spending limit, the limit has been set too high. Keep an eye on user behavior and if this is the case, increase the spending limits. Initially, you can do this only for a part of your subscribers, for example by setting up a Push SMS solution where they can increase their spend limit by replying to the message (similar to when they run out of mobile data) or through your self-service portal.While user activation campaigns should be continued for unactivated users, this is also a good point to start marketing activities to generate additional revenue. Other carriers who run promotions for Google Play payments have seen a 40%-50% revenue increase during the campaign period.It is normal that roughly 6 months after launching Google Play, organic user activations and revenue growth rate will decline. At this point, your launch-oriented marketing activities should already have caused as many users as possible to activate their payment account. HOW TO GROW REVENUE AFTER LAUNCH?Promote popular applications to your usersGive out free data for highest-grossing applicationsGive out free data to users who spend on Google PlayRun prize draw campaigns for users who spend on Google PlayRun discount campaigns for users paying with DCBWork together with developers to conduct DCB-focused campaignsHow to ensure a successful Google Play launch?CARRIERS WHO RUN PROMOTIONSREVENUEINCREASE40-50%How to ensure a successful Google Play launch?A free account with App Annie, combined with your internal payments data about the highest-grossing apps can be used to identify apps which generate the most revenue through carrier billing. Use this to identify apps that can be promoted directly for customers to download and use. You can use free data promotions as a tool to drive users to high-grossing apps, which in the long term will also increase paying users inside these apps. A more direct approach is to give out free data to users who spend a specic amount of money through carrier billing on Google Play.Another method to motivate users to make payments is to have a prize draw campaign. For example, you can rae out 5 new Samsung smartphones among all users who spend at least $10 on Google Play during one month. You can also organize happy hour campaigns where you refund a certain % of the payment made to the user. For example, you can give a 10% discount to all content purchased on Google Play during the holiday period. While these refunds will have to be subsidized by you, the spend is compensated by an increased payment volume from existing users, as well as motivation for new users to enable their direct carrier billing accounts.Contact developers who own the highest-grossing apps in your market. Developers are able to give discounts to users who pay with carrier billing and for example hand out vouchers to redeem extra content when your payment method is used. To motivate developers for the campaign, oer them user acquisition opportunities (e.g. promotion in your social media channels and free data for their apps). is a mobile payments company that enables direct carrier billing with more than 350 mobile operators in 90+ countries. Fortumo's payment products work across a wide range of platforms including desktop devices, smartphones, feature phones, tablets and smart TV-s. These products give end-users a simple, 1-click payment method to charge online purchases to their phone bill. For carriers, connecting to Fortumo enables additional revenue from leading app stores, game developers and digital media companies while Fortumo takes care of the technical infrastructure, taxation, merchant on-boarding and support in post-launch activities. Founded in 2007, Fortumo has offices in Estonia, San Francisco, Beijing, Delhi, Singapore & Hanoi and is backed by Intel Capital and Greycroft Partners. This document is for informational purposes only. Fortumo and the authors make no expressed or implied warranties in this document. Fortumo and the author(s) make no representation or warranty in relation to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the informa-tion contained in this document. Any opinions expressed in this document are subject to change without notice. This document may be based on a number of assumptions and different assumptions could result in materially different results. This document should not be regarded by recipients as a substitute for obtaining independent advice and/or the exercise of their own judgement, and is not to be relied upon by recipients. Fortumo and the authors, and any of their members, directors, employees or agents do not accept any liability for any loss or damage arising out of the use of all or any part of this document. Copyright 2017 Fortumo | All rights reserved.Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.