How to Set Up Google Analytics & Install on Website

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How to Manage Your Post using HOOTSUITEHow to Set Up GOOGLE ANALYTICS & Install on WebsiteBy: Anna Marie J. Pinedawww.annamariepineda.comlets first define What is GOOGLE ANALYTICS?A freemium webanalyticsservice offered byGooglethat tracks and reports website traffic& an analytical tools for Search Engine Optimization and Marketing purposesso lets start & proceed to your web browsertype in will land on this Home Page 3 stepsSign upAdd tracking codeLearn you audiencewe started by clickinglets start filling up this formchoose what you will tracktype in your Account Name (required)your Website Name your Website URL (required) select your Industry from drop down menusearch your Country here& select your Time Zone herecheck all the Recommend Data Sharing boxLastly click, Get Tracking IDTerms of Service Agreement appearsplease give time to read it firstto fully understand what your going throughonce done, click I Acceptnow this is your Dashboardhere is your Tracking IDbeside it theres a pop up notethat saysthen, click OKAY, GOT IT!Done in setting up your GA accountsince I used website under WordPress hostingwe will install it first on your website following this video tutorial on YouTuberecommended to choose the updated version for easy, faster & reliable guide so lets proceed to Website Dashboard heres the WordPress dashboardthere are several ways to install GA to start gathering information on your site& presenting it to us in a Reportssome of these depends on CMS?Content Managing System like..WordPress, Wix & moreGoogle has a help article for every CMS our focus now is using GA in Wordpress by MonsterInsight Wordpress Plugingo to Plugins then clickthen select Add New in keyword bar search Monsterinsights (w/o spacing)once you click install, wait & see Installed just click Activateonce activatedyoull notice the new section in your admin areaNavigate Insight then settingsheres the setting screenthe 1st thing we need to do is toAuthenticate with Google accountto allow the site & Google to communicate& send the information about website visitorsclick now Authenticate with your Google accountthis will appear, click NEXTAuthentication Loading...enter Google Codeclick to get the codebefore the Codeclick allow the App & Googleto use your informationafter allowing this will appearheres the codecopy & paste the code here& click NEXTclick the drop down arrow to selectsince its only 1 site, 1 option will appearthe default All Web Site Datathen click nextnot really Done! theres more but your not going to sweat, by just clicking & save done with the General setting set uplets move on in Trackingunder Tracking is Engagementjust go on filling it up whats necessary followed by Demographics, same procedure from previousnext Enhanced Link AttributionFile Downloadsin here Affiliate LinksAds, eCommerce, Custom Dimensions & Performancefor tracking Upgrade of the account Compatibilityprovide domain to be tracklastly, Permissionsee reports, use settings &allow usage trackingthose are the basic settings that you need to set upto your WordPress site& now it is ready to send data to Google Analytics & start analyzing your trafficOn the other hand, there is another wayIf your not usingor other Content Management System (CMS)Instead were going to add tracking script to Your Themeor a Custom Website First go to your Google Analytics account Administrationgo to Tracking info, drop down the menu& click Tracking Codeencircled is the Tracking code scripthighlight to copy the scriptopen your website file to locate thethe right place to put on the scriptIts should be on the header file so thatIt will tract page by page of your sitesee arrow insert location on file & paste it like thisfinally go back to GA admin &click Send test traffic the zero active user should become 1 which means its working already Hooray!!!& you may start ANALYZING YOUR VISITORS trafficTHE GOAL IS TO TURN DATA INTO INFORMATION & INFORMATION INTO INSIGHT-- CARLY FIORINA