How to successfully launch an app and be noticed

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The process of successfully launching an app and be noticed between the million other apps.


  • 1. Jan Willem Alphenaar (1969)Eindhoven - The NetherlandsPublic speaker, writer and blogger

2. My phone history 3. My tablet history 4. Content in this presentation Origin of apps Platforms and Apps Launch and promotion Tips! 5. Where it all started 6. l drs o 11 yea I was e rd sincNe 7. My rst computer 9 8. Compu/ng used to be a nerd-thing10 9. My rst Internet Experience 11 10. The iPhone 1 had more computing power than NASA used for the Apollo Mission 11. Watching TV was a social activity 12. Hang out from outer space17 13. Compu/ng is no long er a nerd hobby - Its a lifestyle 18 14. We all have the world in our pocket 19 15. 20 16. 21 17. Something special happened in 2007 18. This was what the world had been waiting for 19. First buyers became heroes 20. 1 million sold the rst weekend! 21. 5 million sold in rst weekend 22. Old heroes have died 23. Old heroes have died 24. A new hero was born 25. Apple VS AndroidApple Android Apps 650.000600.000Smartphones17% 68%Tablets68%30% - groeiend 26. 56% verwijdertapps die nietgebruikt worden 27. So how to make sure youre seen? 28. Its split up in three fasesBeforeThe AfterLaunch LaunchLaunch 29. Before the launch Describe your target audience Determine your definition of success Beta testers Promo video Press moment - media event Sneak preview for media and influencers 30. Target audience Solid definition - demographic en geographic Media analyses for audience Questionnaire on website(s) 31. What is success? How many downloads? 32. Beta testers Bloggers Online influencers Famous people, industry leaders, artists 33. Promo video Create an Buzz Create desire and need Engagement Build your audience 34. Images and screenshot Crystal and clear 35. Press 36. Pick your media Local National Global 37. Dont forget the websites and bloggers! 38. Pick your moment Keep the calendar in mind for other events Good location, time and date What makes it interesting for the press to visit? 39. Sneak preview Give media and influencers a preview version just before the launch. 40. At the launch (party) Press, bloggers and influencers Official launch (choose an important person) Make it a party Use Google Hangout for live broadcasting 41. After the launch Keep in touch with press and media User Feedback Promote using social 42. Communicate results Successes Numbers of downloads 43. Use the users Testimonials on your site and in the app stores Listen to the feedback for future developments 44. Promote using Social 45. Most important is your LaunchAnd the road towards itAnd afterwards 46. Jan Willem Alphenaar (1969)Eindhoven - The NetherlandsPublic speaker, writer and blogger