Joomla Hosting and Hosting Trends - Joomla!Days NL 2009 #jd09nl

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Presentation on Joomla!Days Netherlands by Gruus van Woerkom


1.Where we do our webhosting? I think we got ours with our new cappuccino machine! Ir. Gruus van Woerkom (Byte Internet) Joomla Hosting and Hosting Trends2. What Id like to talk about with you Who is Gruus? Joomla & Hosting Trends in Business & Tech Choice of topics Discussion 3. Gruus @ Byte One of 3 directors at Byte. Byte is a webhosting company (clustering, cool tech). Interaction with webdevelopers, monthly seminar. 14 people, Amsterdam based. 4. Issues with hosting companies Availability Speed Installation and configuration Security issues / hacks Support Joomla Ban 5. Always up I want my site to be always up Concept:High availability Redundancy Automatic failover (hot standby) Webclusters Database replication Files on NAS FTP, DNS, Mail 6. Always fast (1) I want my site to be fast! Scale out! Add more webservers to cluster Split webclusters Add more databaseclusters Add more fileservers/NAS 7. Always fast (2) Do NOT bother clients/sites. Detect bad neighbours! Isolate heavy users. Innovate on technology (Apache, PHP, MySQL). Load balancer 1n Webcluster 1n Fileserver 1n Databasecluster 1n Change your IP to Change your documentroot to Change your database server to 8. Be kind to Joomla! FTP/Apache configuration Permissions to install, maintain and use components. PHP configuration Safemode, etc. MySQL setup/configuration Replication, Backups, Restore, Retention 9. Fresh Statistics @ Byte Clusters (12-6-2009) (Dutch) 116.754 aanvallen tegengehouden per week, dat is 5.000.000 per jaar. Geextrapoleerd, 92.000 verschillende IP's per jaar Een beperk aantal IP's zorgt voor de meeste aanvallen. De top tien IP's van vanmiddag zijn verantwoordelijk voor 54% van de aanvallen. 62% van de aanvallen is gericht op bugs Joomla. Zelfs bugs uit 2006/2007(CVE-2006-3774, CVE-2007-2089) worden nog gebruikt. 69% van de aanvallen doen een "remote file inclusion". Als die lukt hebben de hackers in 1 klap 100% controle over de hele website. Deze hacks worden door aanpassingen van Byte aan PHP zowiezo tegengehouden. 10. 11. 12. En... HOPLA! And... HOPLA! 13. Joomla Security Incidents Mass scale, automated hacks Goal (money) oriented (spam, phishing, identity theft) Daily hack attempts Joomla Host?Hosting company should actively monitor versions (and mail customers and shut down sites) Emergency patching? Severe vulnerability Limited fallout possibility of emergency patch 14. 15. 16. Elmina Fortress, Ghana 17. Elmina Fortress Gatekeeper 18. Support/Developer Friendly Host Give good support Share knowledge Announce maintenance (Apache, PHP, MySQL, file). Plan maintenance windows (nightly). Provide test environment for technical migrations. Not: Ban Joomla. 19. Hosting Trends - Business 20. Hosting Trends - Business Sites become ever more important for business. More business critical applications online. Peak Performance / Slashdot-effect. Your moment to shine Your site is down SLA on uptime on performance on application Open source & developer independence. 21. Hosting Trends - Tech Clusterhosting (high availability) Cloud computing Virtualized servers? VPS 22. Further discussion What are we going to talk about? Vote @ ;) Coole gadgets bij Byte Feature wishlist Business and Joomla = Specialization en cooperation = Work together, not against each other 23. Cool gadgets @ Byte PHP optimization (path checks). Test environment (PHP, MySQL, Apache 2.0). Hacker Slayer. Dynamic Database Resolution. BPU Byte Performance Units VIAGRA Villain Isolation And Growling Restrainment Area 24. 25. 26. 2. Feature Wish List Joomla Host Automated Maintenance Joomla Components, Modules, Extensions Certification of third party componentsRating Centralized tracking 27. Specialization en cooperation (1) Focus on limited amount of things IBM (market cap =, revenue sells PC branch to Lenovo. One-person webdesign (revenue 25.000) company provides template design, builds components, makes business cards and can assist in building a computer network. Ow, and some Java programming. 28. Specialization en cooperation (2) Wikipedia Division of labourorspecializationis the specialization of cooperative labour in specific, circumscribed tasks and roles, intended to increase the productivity of labour. Specialization Better results Less time Less effort More fun Higher price Non-specialization Also fun :) 29. The End Visit us Mail us @[email_address] Twitter us @