Joomla Resource Directory - Joomla!Days NL 2009 #jd09nl

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Presentation on Joomla!Days Netherlands by Antonie de Wilde


1.Announcement JRD2. Role in project Antonie de Wilde Forum nick: Tonie Global moderator Forum administrator Two years in core team 3. Joomla! websites 4. Statistics 10 million Joomla! Downloads Extensions Directory bandwidth is about 5 Terabytes per month 1500 projects on joomlacode 1100 new posts on forum per day Running on eight servers 5. What is JRD? The Joomla! Resources Directory is a list of companies that provide professional services on Joomla! Number of categories Education Support Services Extension providers Other services 6. What is JRD part II? Information shown: Description Registration information Address Country Public commenting Editing own profile 7. Challenges Usable for both companies and users All entries will be reviewed Comments Available time of team members 8. One thing missing What feature are we still missing after this announcement? 9. Demo 10. Questions?