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This presentation covers the key steps and decisions that need to be taken in order to implement Kuali Student Release 1.1. It should be of interest to project managers and technical analysts who need to understand the mechanics of an implementation project. The topics include: * The functional scope of R1.1 * Data conversation from legacy systems * Technical deployment topologies: Rice infrastructure and database options * Configuration options * Managing the configuration project * Documentation * Bug fixes and enhancements


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2. Implementing Kuali Student
Objective :you should be able to list the items
that need to be in an implementation project plan
Leo Fernig: 15 minute overview of implementation
Kamal Muthuswamy: 15 minute over view of configuration
Jeff Caddel: 15 minute overview of deployment
3. Documentation
Everything covered :
Implementation guide
Configuration guide
Developer guide
On December 15 documentation will be ready to download:
4. Key implementation topics
Functional design issues
Technical design issues
Kuali Student resources that are available for implementation teams
5. Functional design and decision points
Functional decision points
Decide on the scope of the implementation
Decide which business processes need to be implemented
Decide on integration pattern with legacy systems
6. Scope of an implementation project
Scope of the data footprint
Credit courses
Non-credit courses
Scope of the business footprint
Are you going to introduce new business processes
Are you going to pilot for selected schools
Technical footprint
Small: ks-embedded
Large: rolling our Rice as an EA building block
7. Analyse curriculum workflow
Centralized (all forms go to a central office for entry)
Heterogeneous (mixed distributed and centralized)
Distributed (proposals are entered at the source)
Workflow configuration
8. Deployment options
Option 1: ks-embedded
Option 2: ks-standalone
Option 1 Option 2
Identity (KIM)
Workflow (KEW)
Identity (KIM)
Workflow (KEW)
9. Data integration strategies
One way or two way ?
Integration at the business service layer.Preferred!
Integration at the LU service layer
Db to Db
Credit Course
Learning Unit
10. Data Conversion
Data conversion
Data mapping
Map legacy elementsto KS credit course
Create dynamic attributes
Add additional data elements needed
Dictionary constraints
Change/relax constraints in xml dictionary files
Extract and load programs
Modify/re-use existing code developed at UBC/UCB
11. Resources available during implementation
Formal documentation:
Implementation guide
Configuration guide
Developer guide
Available at:http://kuali.org/ks/releaseson December 15
KS wiki
Service contracts
Database ER diagrams
Community: Implementer User group (IUG)
Join ks.collab@kuali.org, rice.collab@kuali.org
12. Preparing for Configuration
Bring KS instance up and running standalone
Document configuration requirements
Setup the environment (Dev, Test)
Set up local configuration project
Join ks.collab@kuali.org, rice.collab@kuali.org
Review KS Install/Config Guides.
Dont forget the developer guide
13. KS Configuration Options
Configuration option available at multiple level
Configuring UI
Style, themes, logos, messages
Adding/dropping fields
Sections, layouts
Configuring Data
Spring bean based XML data dictionaries
Constraints that are used by services and UI
Dynamic Attributes
Configure Search/Lookups
14. KS UI
15. KS Configuration Options (more)
Authorization(KIM Rice)
Workflow (KEW - Rice)
Document Type
Organization Management
Rules (e.g. PreReqs, CoReqs etc)
16. KS Configuration Project
Separate Project
All the configuration artifacts (XML, Java, Properties) goes in it
Safe from KS Upgrades
Can clone ks-web/ks-embedded as a starting point
17. Configuration Tools
KS Admin Client to manage
Messages, Academic Time Period,Enumerations
18. Skill Set Required
What skill set is required for configuration
Depends on the configuration
Configuration guide documents Level of Complexity
Most configuration is XML file editing
For UI certain amount of Java and preferably GWT knowledge required
19. Institution agnostic
Cloud oriented
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Simple Storage Service (S3)
Maven centric
Build from source with mvn install
open source administration software for education
KS Build & Deploy: Summary
20. KS Build & Deploy : Cloud Resources
http://ci.ks.kuali.org Hudson
http://nexus.kuali.org Nexus Repository Manager
http://dev.ks.kuali.org Linux + Tomcat + Oracle
http://maven.kuali.org S3 bucket
99.999999999% durability
99.99% up time
Commodity pricing - $0.15 per gigabyte
open source administration software for education
21. KS Build & Deploy
open source administration software for education
22. http://nexus.kuali.org
Single source artifact acquisition
Plugins, snapshots, releases
Everything needed to build Kuali software
High availability - 99.99% uptime
Load Balanced, distributed
open source administration software for education
Kuali Nexus
23. 3
open source administration software for education
Maven + Nexus
24. Build & Deploy : Future
open source administration software for education
25. Questions


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