Managing service projects in a B2B environment

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A presentation by Eyal Lubin Service Operation Director at Nice Systems given at the B2B Customer Success & Experience Seminar, June 18 2014 Tel-Aviv


  • 1. Managing Service Project in B2B Environment Eyal Lubin Director of Service Operations NICE System

2. 2 What is TeamLine? SYSTEM! ONE PROJECT EXECUTION P&L MANAGEMENT PROJECT PLANNING RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Manage service project end-to-end 3. Enhancing PM Effectiveness enhances the project management effectiveness via 2 3 41 Visibility of project status at any given time Resource Utilization Optimization Tools for Profitability Management Tools for Customer Management 4. Service Project Process Scope 4 Resource Creation Project definition Post PO process Pre PO process Project Management Project work plan Trigger invoicing and revenue process Project Management Resource allocation Skills management & Dashboards Operational reports KPIs Customized dashboards Reports & Expense Time reporting and approval Manage non-billable time Expense management Time Collaboration Manage project documentation Manage project risk & issues Customers status, communication 5. Better Control Improve on-time delivery What do we Aim to Improve? One Methodology Project Plan and Execution - Templates & standards - Risks & issues - Project status - Plan vs. actual 6. Resource plan optimization Resource workload forecast Skills Effective assignment Availability What do we Aim to Improve? Resource Management 7. Resource plan optimization Resource workload forecast Skills Effective assignment Availability What do we Aim to Improve? Resource Management 8. What do we Aim to Improve? Manage P&L Improve Revenue Forecast Improve Revenue Recognition Plan & billing milestone linkage Shorter invoicing cycle Better Tracking Project cost (time) & expenses 9. What do we Aim to Improve? Customer Collaboration Share with customer project status and issues Manage documentation Increase project quality Impact CSAT 10. Implementation of PSA as primary services platform Ability to manage resources across LOBs, Countries, Divisions, and role types. Financial command and control of contracts, projects, portfolios, revenue achievement & Rev Rec Support a mix of fixed price, outcome base, and T&M customer projects Improved quality of delivery and overall customer experience Drive greater profitability of projects and key accounts Streamlining across LOBs and regions of processes & work flows Enhance practices and controls to drive growth, performance and contain costs Share, transfer & capacity manage resources with full feed into ERP Clear insight on all KPIs for improved decision making Facilitate smarter decisions for driving services revenue & product functionality Individual KPI and MBO insight across all managers & resources Detailed insight into committed process across the company Detailed insight into time to revenue achievement and ability to Rev Rec PSA Implementation Outcomes 11. Summary: Service Project Business Tracks 11 Project Creation & Opportunities Management Project Management & Planning Resource Management Time & Expense Tracking Finance: Forecast, Budget & Invoicing Operational, Managerial Reports and Measurements Customer Workspace 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 12. Service Project System Integration 12 PSA BI & Reporting (Calculating Project Financial Matrices) SFDC (Automate service opportunity creation Pre-PO mode) Revenue Recognition (Automate revenue recognition and services forecasting) Invoicing System (Automate project creation & invoicing) Salary System (Non-exempt employee hours)


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