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Mobile Devices Revolutionize Learning April2010

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With the launch of the iPhone a couple years ago and the iPad this month, the directional arrow toward mobile has become a huge neon sign. How we design, deliver, and access learning is fundamentally changing. This presentation offers an overview of mobile's role.


1.The iPad, e-readers, and mobile devicesCreating a learning REVOLUTIONPrepared by Sharon Boller, President 861-59352. 2FirstWhats mobile?My definition: You hold it in your hand, it doesnt have to be plugged in 24/7 to work, and its easy to add/change content (via wireless connectivity). Shown herethe iPad (left), my HTC phonethat uses Googles Android operating system, and my Kindle (right).3. SecondWhat does mobile change?Mobiledoesnt change the way we learn-Brain Rules still apply. Butit changes 1) how we access content, 2) how we teach others, and 3) the roles of teachers/trainers.4. Once upon a time Teachers and trainers createdCore KnowledgeWhich was taught in hopes of achievingBusiness Results5. NowExpertise is more widely distributed. LOTS of people create.6. NowDomain NamesActive PagesThe amount of information available is increasing. Exponentially.7. NowThe role of the trainer is changing to coach /archeologist / leaderor completely GONE.8. The Future of the Training DepartmentHarold Jarche9. Teachers are guides not always experts. Mobile apps enable kids (and adults)to explore and learn ON THEIR OWN. Whatsthe catch? Andis Apple where its at?The iPad is essentially an oversized iTouch. Right now, theres more that it CANNOT do than it can. Lots of other devices are getting ready to jump into the market. These competitors offer more power, Windows 7 and Flash things learning designers and content deliverers value.11. What features do we need?These features will create a winner in the learning arena:A touch screen interfaceand a touch keyboard. If the iPhone has shown us anything, its that a touch screen UI the world to almost everyone inviting people to explore. 12. Battery life that gives you freedom from an outlet for longer than a couple of hours. 13. Ability to view videos. 14. WiFi Internet access. 15. High-quality graphics (The Kindle gets killed on this one compared to the iPad.) 16. An operating system that supports Windows and Flash. 17. Durability these things will take a beating.


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