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1. SOUTHWEST AIRLINESNUTS ABOUT COMMUNICATIONOnline July 2011@brooksethomas#SWAManSays 2. Where Weve Been20102009200820072006Oct. 09: Southwest Airlines streams a press conference announcing Panama City service LIVE within Facebook.July 09: The Social Media crisis response is tested when Flight 2294 makes an Emergency Landing with a hole in the fuselage. March 10: The Employee Blog is launched. February 07:A media buy is used to launch a Facebook page to host a basketball bracket game.April 06: The Nuts About Southwest Blog is launched, picking up where Airline left off.Feb 08: The PR team uses YouTube to respond to customers deemed by the media as Too Pretty to Fly.December 06: The Southwest Airlines Marketing Teamuses YouTube to host a Wanna Get Awayvideo submission contestSummer 07: Southwest begins a YouTube channel.And joins Twitter!Sept 09: The Emerging Media Team is converged with the PR and Employee Communication teamJan 09: The Social Media Council and The Rapid Response teams are created. Aug 08: The Emerging Media Team is developed within Communications and includes 4 full-time Social Media employees. May 08: The Nuts About Southwest Blog get a makeover, allowing users to access YouTube, Flickr, from the homepage. May 07: A Social Media integration team is created between Communications and Marketing. 3. Our Job ResponsibilitiesPrimary: LISTENSecondary: ENGAGE & SHARE VIA ORGANIC CONVERSATIONS 4. Where We Are NowSocial Media is thriving at Southwest Airlines!We continue to stay ahead of our competitors while still maintaining our unique sense of simplicity. Some of the sites we are actively participating in: 5. The Official Southwest Fan Page has more than 1.6 million Facebook fans, more than any other airline! 6. Station Fan Pages:Allow interaction with the community. 7. Permit conversation is in a controlled environment. 8. Empower Employees to have a voice. 9. Offer us power in numbers!Butwith guidelines! We currently have about 30 stations using a Facebook Fan Page to connect to the community! 10. Operational Delays: Construction 11. Operational Delays: Weather 12. Community Outreach 13. Around the Airport 14. Local Flair 15. Twitter is a tool used to share short (140 character) updates to anyone who chooses to follow your updates.But you knew that right?On Twitter, SouthwestAir has more than 1 million followers! However Lady Gaga has the highest number of Twitter followers with 11.5 million! 16. The last time I did this presentation Lady Gaga had 10.8 million followers 17. That was in June 18. Our Page 19. Top 10 Things We Do on TwitterMonitor:Wemonitor keywords regarding the industry and Southwest.Respond: If necessary, we respond to questions and concerns.Live Tweet Events/Create Buzz:From plane pulls to city openings weprovide real time updates to followers.Behind the Scenes Glimpse: Followers love to see whats going on behind the scenes at SWA.Connect with Reporters/Bloggers:We respond to media or put them in touch with a spokesperson.Quickly Gain Insight:Our Twitter audience is quick to tell us if they like an idea or not. They dish out their thoughts and act as a virtual focus group.Emergency Notifications:weve used Twitter multiple times to share information regarding emergencies or incidents.Sharing our Story!Southwest has a long history or being FUN, friendly, and outgoing.Twitter takes that persona and brings it to the Internet. For example, singing flight attendants, LUV couples, and the best inflight/gate agent humor are all shared via Twitter. 20. 24/7 Monitoring and EngagementDesktop Monitoring : TweetdeckMobile Interaction: Twitter AppMeasurement: Radian6Content Management: CoTweet 21. Nuts About Southwest on 22. How Can We Stay Ahead? To reshape our consumer-to-brand relationship, we should establish a new governance entity capable of:Identifying and executing strategic opportunities. 23. Develop company-wide relationship building capability. 24. Scale the success without interrupting the well-earned equity and momentum.Customers do not care about departments, silos or turf. They want answers and solutions. We must organize ourselves behind the scenes to provide these two things wherever our customers are.In turn, we will win, we will build reputation, and will create brand advocates.Responsibility:The channel voices 25. Blog/community management 26. Corporate Social Media strategy 27. Employee Mobile Communication 28. Crisis Comm/Rapid Response 29. Business consulting 30. Employee policy creation 31. Conversation monitoring 32. New platform testsResponsibility:Look and Feel ofchannels 33. Fan/Follower Acquisition 34. Brand positioning and creative platform extensions 35. Social experience definition 36. Vendor recommendations 37. Strategic partnership opportunities 38. Paid media within the social space 39. Revenue generating social initiatives Responsibility: AOM messaging on social channels 40. Rapid Response Team communication 41. Customer Relations voice within social media channels 42. Contact Resolution/TLC 43. Business consulting