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Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that is an alternative to PowerPoint. Many individuals like Prezi because of its unique presentation style that uses zooming to move in and out of slides. The goals for this class are to: Explore the basics of Prezi and how it's different from other presentation applications Learn the tips and tricks for a creating a successful Prezi presentation Show how to find and share Prezi content appropriate for your audience Discuss alternative presentation sites During this two part class, attendees will create their own Prezi, customize it for their audience, and have the option to receive feedback. Virtual Trainer: Rachel Eichen, Novare Library Services


  • Presenter: Rachel Eichen Novare Library Services
  • Quick Poll On a scale from 1-10, how much do you already know about Prezi?
  • Agenda What is Prezi? Benefits/Drawbacks How to create one HW assignment
  • What is Prezi?
  • What is Prezi?
  • What is Prezi?
  • Benefits In the cloud (no software) Something different Free (with restrictions) Better for self-guided people
  • Drawbacks Motion Sickness (?) Not PowerPoint!! Less versatile Requires internet connection
  • Lets play!
  • HW Assignment Create a prezi Have 3 different frames (same shape is okay) Use at least 1 picture/symbol Optional: Insert 1 video
  • Rachel Eichen
  • Presenter: Rachel Eichen Novare Library Services
  • Quick Poll What are your thoughts on Prezi after the HW? Fun? Easy? Frustrating?
  • Prezi Tips and Tricks Audio Narration Path control Hyperlinks Theme change Search for content
  • Alternatives in Prezi Form alternatives-to-powerpoint/
  • Sliderocket
  • PowToon
  • What software do you use? PollEverywhere Slideshare PowerPoint KeyNote (mac only) SurveyMonkey
  • Rachel Eichen


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