Profesia wso2 webinar 12 june 2014

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  • Applying SOA to Enterprise

    Document Management Systems WSO2, SOA, DMS

    Profesia WSO2 SOA DMS

  • SOA on Enterprise DMS

    Profesia helps Companies to op>mize and automate

    business processes in order to integrate back-end systems

    with core Business ac>vi>es

  • SOA on Enterprise DMS

    n i v e r s i t y

  • SOA on Enterprise DMS

    Adobe Digital Publishing Suite


  • APPLYING SOA Enterprise Document Management Systems

    SOA on Enterprise DMS

  • Project Owner

    SOA on Enterprise DMS

    InnovaPuglia S.p.A. Is a Subsidary of Regione Puglia It denes Strategic planning in support of ICT InnovaPuglia dened the Sistema Digitale Regionale and implemented the Digital Agenda for Europe.

    Source: hNp://

  • InnovaPuglia Mission

    SOA on Enterprise DMS

    Objec>ve: To ensure: community coordina>on, economic resources, transparency procedures, standard high quality opera>onal process;

    To incen>ve Smart community; To increase socioeconomic development; To enhance Opera>onal eciency. Responsibility:

    To be the Central purchasing body ( To be the Intermediate Body in the European Community

  • Project Scenario

    SOA on Enterprise DMS

    Enterprise DMS

    Reusable Infrastructure

    Increase DMS accounts

    Open Source

    Licenses not user based

  • From Commercial to Open

    Convert a commercial DMS into openSource Reduce license fee Increase DMS users Propagate DMS in all most applica>ons Create a reusable architecture

    SOA on Enterprise DMS

  • Project Requirements SAAS Architecture

    Reusable Easy to:

    Improve Use Modify

    Horizontally scalable 24/7/365

    SOA on Enterprise DMS

  • Project WSO2 Components

    SOA on Enterprise DMS

  • WSO2 Elas>c Load Balancer (WSO2 ELB)

    Lean approach to balance loads across your WSO2 server instances. It provides: Fail-over Auto-scaling Mul>-tenancy le_ng services scale automa>cally with

    dynamically changing load characteris>cs Balance incoming requests to clusters of dierent services

    such as Applica>on Servers, Business Process Servers and more.

    Tenant-awareness provides a scalable approach for balancing load across a set of tenants sharing a collec>on of worker nodes.

  • WSO2 API Manager Complete solu>on for

    publishing APIs, crea>ng and managing a developer community scalability for rou>ng API trac.

    It leverages proven, produc>on-ready, integra>on, security and governance components from the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, WSO2 Iden>ty Server, and WSO2 Governance Registry. In addi>on, as it is also powered by the WSO2 Business Ac>vity Monitor, the WSO2 API Manager is ready for massively scalable deployment immediately.

  • WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB)

    Connec>ng Anything to Anything Rou>ng, Media>on & Transforma>on Message, Service, API & Security Gateway High Performance, High Availability, Scalability & Stability

    Lightweight, Developer Friendly and Easy to Deploy

    Manage & Monitor

  • WSO2 Governance Regisrty (WSO2 GREG)

    Governance encompasses more than just technology; governance also includes people and processes. WSO2 GREG provides SOA Governance Congura>on governance Development process governance Design and run->me governance Lifecycle management Team collabora>on

  • WSO2 Message Broker (WSO2 MB)

    Message Brokers enable applica>ons to exchange communica>ons asynchronously or publish messages for >mely access by many subscribers. WSO2 MB provides: Standards Compliant, Portable, Interoperable Message Broker Distributed, Highly Scalable, Fault-Tolerant and Persistent Message

    Broker with Apache Cassandra and Apache ZooKeeper Elas>cally Scalable Broker Architecture Support for Distributed Queues Support for Publish/Subscribe Model (Topics) Manage & Monitor

  • Proposal Architecture

    SOA on Enterprise DMS

    SOA clients

    SOA Services

  • Integra>on

    SOA on Enterprise DMS

    SOA Services

    SOA clients



  • Governance

    SOA on Enterprise DMS

    Custom Mediator

    Common registry Unique end-point deni>ons Reusable Sequence deni>ons Dynamic node deni>ons

    Load balancing dynamic congura>ons

  • Balancing Scalability

    SOA on Enterprise DMS

    SOA Services SOA Services SOA Services SOA Services SOA Services

    Clients Clients Clients Clients Clients Clients Clients

    Improve nodes at run >me Centralized governance Unique plagorm Ensure eciency

  • Advantages

    SOA on Enterprise DMS

  • Profesia in the Project

    SOA on Enterprise DMS


    SOA on Enterprise DMS

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    SOA on Enterprise DMS