Putting The Web Into Context

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A number presentation on how the Internet grows and the notion that the next big thing is us controlling the immense amount of data and information.


  • 1. Putting the Web into Context

2. Joost Hietbrink?www.linkedin.com/in/joosthietbrink 3. September 2006 4. The success of the Web is leading to many new challenges and opportunities in the area ofdata management. It has lead to new data formats such as XML and RDF which require specic storage and management techniques that are different from those needed forclassical relational data. It has also lead to new ways of efciently integrating and transforming existing data sources such that it can be efciently published on the Web. Onthe other hand, techniques have been developed to integrate data already available on the Web to enrich your own data. In this case different issues become more important such as the fact that the data is more distributed, in more different formats, both structured andsemi-structured, and the matching criteria for connecting the data from the differentsources is far less obvious. Also completely new ways of dealing with data have evolved,such as the Semantic Web, which entails the problem of meta-data management, and Linked Open Data, which allows the publication of your own data such that it can be easily linked with other data that is published in the same way. In this symposium we intend to address some developments in both industry and the academic world that will lead to newopportunities for enterprise applications. 5. Putting the Web into Context 6. EVERY DAY 7. 300 new iPhone apps downloads 9 months 8. 3,000 new books 9. 5,000 new tech startups 10. 900,000 new blog posts 11. 5,500 new songs (only o cial cd releases) 12. 100,000 new videos 13 hours uploaded every minute 412.3 years to watch every video 13. 10,000,000 tweets 14. 3.710.384 followers 15. 3.710.384 followers 16. 3710384230000AmberAlertNL @aplusk 17. 50,000,000 new photos3,600,000,000 photos on ickr 18. Netcraft # of (web)sites (september)225,000,000168,750,000112,500,000 56,250,000 0 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 19. Google index # of (web)pages: 16.000.000 1996: x125 2005: 2008: 20. Google index # of (web)pages: 16.000.000 1996: x125 2005: 2008: 21. Putting the Web into Context 22. Putting the Web into Context 23. Paris Hilton 24. Filter verbal context, social context, time, ... 25. I have a dream for the Web in which computers become capable of analyzing all the data on the Web the content, links, and transactions between people and computers. Tim Berners-Lee, 1999 26. The next big thing people need is some more organization on the Internet.Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz on CNBC, 10 sept 2009 27. Questions? 28. Credits Tim Has (eways.nl) (for some of the slides)The Internet (for the rest)