Search Engines In A Nutshell

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A very brief and simple explanation of how search engines work.


1.Search engines(in a nutshell)Brought to you by The world wide web is made up of pages3. wSquillions of pages4. wSearch engines use web crawlers (or spiders) to trawl the world wide web looking at pages and indexing information on them such as headlines, titles, text and metadataBy Olddanb on Flickr5. Search engines storethe indexed information about web pages for later reference By Tim Dorron Flickr6. When we type keywords into a search engineSwimming pool safetyt(Key words)7. the search engine looks through the indexed pages for our keywords8. It singles out the pages that feature our keywords and has a closer look9. It calculates how often and how prominently our keywords appear on each page How many times keywords appear 10. Where keywords appear 11. Page title 12. A few more things


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