Sensis on Mobile Advertising at CeBit 2009

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1.Integrating Mobile Advertising into the Marketing Mix Thomas Arthur, GM Sensis Digital Marketing Services 2. Advertising thats always on 3. Key considerations for mobile campaigns Why mobile advertising? How is it being done? 4. Mobile advertising innovation Consumer mobile advertising content Sensis mobileadvertisingbusiness 5. 6. Why Mobile Advertising? 7. Reach 8.55 million Australians currently use a mobile phone connected to a 3G network Source: ACMA Communications Report 2007-2008 8. Reach More than 4.4 million are Telstra 3G and NextG TMnetwork mobile customers 9. Reach users each month 2.3 million The MediaSmart mobile ad network has MediaSmart allows advertisers to take advantage of BigPonds Mobile Portal which also includes the Sensis mobile and 3 rdparty network. Source: Omniture Report (Jan Mar 2009) 10. Audience Targeting Targeting parameter options can include: 11. Audience Targeting Bright Futures 35, Pyrmont ConsciousConsumers 36, Clovelly MortgagedAspirations 35, Dundas Studied Wealth 55, Rose Bay 12. ROI Sophisticated reporting capabilities Unique users Number of banner ad impressionsNumber of click-throughs to AdSites Average page views # Banner AdImpressions # Click-through to AdSites Average Page Views 13. ROI Sophisticated reporting capabilities Number of calls Number of downloads Number of competition entries and more # CompetitionEntries # Downloads # Opt Ins # MobileCoupons 14. How its being done 15. One click for direct response QANTAS GLOBAL SALE Two-day buyout of the high profile BigPond Top of Homepage Banner in conjunction with press Leveraging enormous reach offered by the BigPond Mobile Portal KEY RESULTS 756,315 impressions delivered CTR 1.16% 5% conversion rate to click to call 16. The brand in your hand Stimulate brand loyalty and product awareness through consumer engagement McDONALDS CHICKEN SUMMER CHOICES MediaSmart mobile channel the best performing media for campaign. KEY RESULTS 1,322,800 impressions delivered CTR 1.01% Video Downloads 3,019 Competition entries 12,824 17. Mapping SMS shortcodes Send to mobile SMS broadcasts Database/CRM integration Coupons Bluetooth Mobile codes Integration with other media Mobile codes Coupons Send to mobiles Mapping 18. Lexus LExhibition National campaign targeting broad audience described as under 44yrs old, successful, affluent males CTR 1.22% Click to call 6% Integration with other media Video downloads 4.4% Mobile codes scanned 2.5% Lexus owners tend to be tech-savvy and new media is proving to be an effective method of communicating with this market Matt Joyce (Lexus Media Agency ) 19. Mobile campaign checklist Content/Destination Audience Placement Call to action Creative Device-friendlyIncentive Timing Integration For more details SMS* cebit to0415 268 766* standard SMS charges apply orVisit our mobile site 20. "TV will never be a serious competitor for radio because people must sit and keep their eyes glued on a screen; the average American family hasnt time for it." - New York Times, 1939 Dont make the same mistake with mobile advertising For more details SMS* cebit to0415 268 766*standard SMS charges apply orVisit our mobile site


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