Set Up & Use of Google Analytics with WordPress

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Setting Up & Using Google Analytics with WordPressPresented By:Mike FarneyDirector of Client Services & AnalyticsCazbahGoogle Analytics Individual Qualified@cuseXC;idtf=101677532409281829783;;idtf=101677532409281829783;You dont have to be a genius to set up, use, and understand Google Analytics!Google AnalyticsAgenda Setup WordPress Plugins GA Admin Goals Forms Downloads Phone Calls Reporting Sources Campaigns Shortcuts / DashboardsSetupPlugins Monster Insights E-Comm - $49 a year Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Setup Connect your UA number Track outbound clicks & downloads Enable Universal Tracking Enable Demographics Enable Enhanced Link Attribution Track Downloads as an event.KPIs What do you want to measure? Key Performance Indicators What is important to your businesses success? Revenue Cost Cutting Increased Customer Satisfaction Reduce Inventory Increase Occupancy More Service Contracts Etc.Goals Goals Forms Downloads Sign Ups Phone Calls E-Commerce Goals $ DollarsReportingBest Practices Filter Internal Traffic Segment Spam Traffic Use UTM links for Campaigns View Year Over Year resultsReportsMy Top 5 Reports1. Source / Medium2. Campaigns3. Behavior Flow4. Site Search5. Mobile TrafficReportingSourcesReportingCampaignsReportingBehavior FlowReportingSite SearchReportingMobile Traffic / RevenueReportingShortcuts & DashboardsEven this guy can use Google Analytics and get something out of it.Lloyd Christmas - Dumb & DumberThank You!Contact Info:Mike Farneymfarney@cazbah.net585-869-0903 mailto:mfarney@cazbah.netmailto:mfarney@cazbah.net