Social Media: A New World

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This presentation was presented for Terex Corporation as a Lunch and Learn on May 26, 2009


1.The Social Media RealmBusiness in a New World2. USENET(1979)-The first online server that linked people of similar interest.SixDegrees(1999)-First modern social networking site. Unfortunately no one understood the concept.Friendster (2002)-Friendster caused a social network boom, and resulted in a self-destruction of the servers due to high traffic.Evolution of Social Media Gossip Print USENET SixDegrees Friendster Overload 3. Present Day Social MediaCurrently over 300 known and active social networking sites. Social Media has created platforms for communication across barriers easy, and cost efficient.Most popular Sites Facebook - Social Networking MySpace - Social Networking LinkedIn - Professional Networking Twitter - Real-time status updates Flickr - Photo Sharing YouTube - Video Sharing4. Self-directed Learning Self-directed Wealth Creation Self-directed Wellness Management Self-directed Marketing Self-directed Career Acceleration You Always Have Options Hmm 5. Facebook currently has over 200 million users. (Predicting upwards of 350 million by 12/09) LinkedIn currently has over 35 million professionals creating contacts.Advantage Create connections Increase Branding at minimal cost. Easily integrated with other media outlets.Disadvantage Lose control over information. Facebook/LinkedInSocializing to build the future. Social and Professional Networking Host Sites. 6. Advantages Real-time Personal or Corporate Status updates. Capabilities of utilizingTwitterfor direct/indirect marketing with customers or followers.An internal communication network. Disadvantage Can become burdensome everyday activity. If not updated regularly, Twitter can be detrimental to Corporate/Personal branding.Twitter Social Microblogging Site (140 Characters Max. Status) 7. Over 90% of the videos are user generated and simple in structure.Advantages Great video hosting tool for marketing and promotion.User creates a personal or corporate profile containing more information about the videos.Easily uploaded to any website, Blog, or Media player.Disadvantage Comments can be made on the videos that would need to be filtered by the users. Videos can easily be stolen and re-edited by third-party users. Not much interaction between the users.YouTube Social Video Host site 8. Similar to the traditional journal/diary.51.3 million active blogs worldwide. Advantages Blogs are personally monitored and currently have no set law/guide to content production.Promotes Dialogue through user comments and author responses. Offers an outlet for anyone to voice their opinion about a topic they hold a passion for.Disadvantages Can become a double edged sword if the content is not monitored correctly. There is a lot of competition in the Blogosphere and without consistent activity any blog can fail.Blogs The Online Journal or Diary 9. Flickr Online photo galleries Over 6,300 uploads per minute! Advantages Quick Photo sharing and uploading. Accessible from any computer. Easily Embedded onto other sites. Compatible with all all major platforms.Disadvantages Photos become property of Yahoo and Flickr. Photos can easily be stolen and altered.Web Photo/Video Host Site 10. Feed the Machine Social Media tools to help create a world wide rave.S.E.O 11. Cost Effective-Social Media is a inexpensive marketing outlet that compliments the hard times we are facing.Generational Bridge-Technology has created a gap between Gen Y and previous generations.Easily Manageable-Web tools allow for simultaneous site management in a quick/easy fashion.Interaction - Allows users to communicate on a broader platform.General Advantages of Social Media 12. Once a new technology rolls over you, if youre not part of the steamroller, youre part of the road Stewart Brand