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1. 2. What is Tamka? Collection of Extensions that turn Joomla! into a powerful personal or group blogging platform. Licensed using the GPLAvailable free of charge 3. Tamka Blog Architecture Based on three new, integrated features: Blog Layout for com_content Pretty Permanent URLs, like WordPress Modules that use Menu Item Parameters 4. New Blog Layout for com_content Much more flexibility to select the postsyou want to display. 5. Pretty Permanent URLs One article One URL no matter where used. Tamka URLs are patterned after WordPress you select the option desired: category-alias/article-alias section-alias/category-alias/article-alias ccyy/mm/dd/article-alias Custom combination of any option above Tamka uses new Canonical Link Element 6. Blog Modules Blog modules like the Calendar,Tag Cloud,Latest Comments,etc., use the same Menu ItemParameter values. 7. Flexible Commenting Comments closed after specified # of days Set min and max comment length Can close commenting to non-members Set flood control constraints Allow All HTML, only specific tags, no HTML, or Markdown Convert URLs and email addresses to links Alternate comment colors and use special color for author Follow or No Follow for visitor links Display Gravatars Oldest to Newest? Or Newest to Oldest? Ping? Tweet? And/or Email Comments?Spam (Recaptcha, Aksimet, Mollom) Bad word Filters Ban by IP, email address, name 8. Comment Moderation 9. SEO improvements Site Name appended to the Page Title.Removal of Generated by Joomla! Meta.Automatic Article Meta Description (if Article Meta is not provided.) H1 for Article Title.Follow or Nofollow on Internal Pages, Web links, and Article links.Accessible Template Overrides.Google Analytics Tracking Code Plugin Component/Plugin for defining 301 Redirects for changed URLs 301 redirect for No WWW.301 redirect for variations of home Minification of CSS and JS 10. Post and/or Comment Broadcasting Ping 8 Services Twitter Posting Email Notification for Members and Guests who sign up URL ShorteningInternal URL 301 RedirectsBitly TinyURL is.gd tr.im 11. Blog Bling Beautiful Template Social Bookmarks, Blog Calendar, Tag Cloud, Post Tags, and Smileys Automatic Thumbnails and resizing of Images Video, Audio, Galleries Syntax Highlighter Author Profile and CC Licensing Gravatars and Post Icons Tweets from you and/or your followers 12. User Easy to add custom fields Automatically Displays in Frontend and Administrator 13. Personal or Group Blog Platform Tamka User Plugin Create User Blog Option Parameter Works with Joomla! Global Configuration User Settings Category automatically created for each Blogger Bloggers can only add and update posts in their Category 14. Tamka Manager If there are newer packages, click the link to Update your Web site. 15. Learn more about Tamka Visithttp://tamka.org Contact us Twitter @tamkaorg http://tamka.org/contact Use it: http://tamka.org/learn http://tamka.org/download Report Bugs! http://tamka.org/bugs http://joomlacode.org/gf/project/tamka