Teaching every student in the digital age universal design for learning

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Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: Universal Designfor LearningDavid Rose, Anne Meyer, Nicole Strangman 1 / 5Publisher : Association for Supervision & Curriculum DeveRelease Date : 2 / 5ISBN : 0871205998Author : David Rose, Anne Meyer, Nicole StrangmanDownload Herehttp://bit.ly/1UjlMLT 3 / 5http://bit.ly/1UjlMLTAs a teacher in a typical classroom, there are two things you know for sure: Your students havewidely divergent needs, skills, and interests . . . and you're responsible for helping every one attainthe same high standards. This book is the first comprehensive presentation of the principles and applications of UniversalDesign for Learning (UDL)--a practical, research-based framework for responding to individuallearning differences and a blueprint for the modern redesign of education. The first part of Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age lays out the foundation of UDL, includingneuroscience research on learner differences, the effective uses of new digital media in theclassroom, and how insights about students who do not "fit the mold" can inform the creation offlexible curricula that help everyone learn more effectively. The second part of the book addressesUDL's practical applications--how UDL principles can help you *Set appropriate goals for every student. *Choose the methods and materials that give every student optimum instructional support. *Ensure the fair and accurate assessment of every student's progress. Along with references to digital tools and links to online resources, the authors provide a set oftemplates to facilitate classroom implementation of UDL, share the experience of a school districtalready succeeding with UDL, and highlight plans for UDL implementation on a national scale. David H. Rose and Anne Meyer are the founders and co-directors of the Center for Applied SpecialTechnology (CAST), a not-for-profit organization that uses technology to expand opportunities for allpeople, including those with disabilities.Find the Full PDF Herehttp://bit.ly/1UjlMLT 4 / 5http://bit.ly/1UjlMLTYou Can Download the PDF Herehttp://bit.ly/1UjlMLTPowered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org) 5 / 5http://bit.ly/1UjlMLThttp://www.tcpdf.org