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Telling Stories : Social Media MarketingThanyathorn ChatlaongSunday, February 3, 2013Agenda Setting the Scene : Why Digital? New Marketing Strategy : Going 365 Influence of Social Media Implications for Marketers: SoLoMo Case Studies Q&ASunday, February 3, 2013Setting the Scene : Why Digital? Telling Stories : Social Media MarketingFebruary 2012Sunday, February 3, 2013Setting the Scene : Why Digital? Times have changed the ways we socialize and entertain ourselvesSunday, February 3, 2013New Way of Getting AroundSunday, February 3, 2013New Social Life : Internet Over Dating & FriendshipSunday, February 3, 2013Media Consumption by Type (Jan - Dec 2010) Amongst teens, Internet, VDO games and Cinema exposure are significantly higher and is increasing.Sunday, February 3, 2013Influence of the Internet in Thailand!"#$%&'($)*++*,-$./,.+/0$12/$34/$*-3/5-/3$675*-8$34/$.7594:2/$.5,9/22$;*8*3:+$+/$?,-27)/52 4 in 5 consumers go online to research what or where to buy3 in 4 consumers use Search Engines to research online and 92% prefer to use GoogleConsumers spend 2x more on Online than on TB and 5x more than PrintAt least 3 in 4 digital products are purchased in stores as result of online researchSource: GoogleUpdated : 20 million internet users in ThailandSunday, February 3, 2013Consumers Share of TimesInternet has the highest share of time in media consumption behavior and highest ads recall and actions thereafter.Source: GoogleSunday, February 3, 2013But on the Internet, Information is Overloaded!Sunday, February 3, 2013Traditional MarketingEasy to not careHigh level of noiseEXPENSIVE!One-Way DeliverySunday, February 3, 2013YOU Control the Information Age. Welcome to Your World!!"#$%#'&&()*+),"-.)+//0)1$2&3#)4&5#6%)67)89&):&;5)+//;2;3#)?6@$;-)A&B$;)C;2D;$E%)1$2&3#)4&5#6%)67)89&):&;5)+/*/)New era in business transparency and engagement From TRYING TO SELL to MAKING CONNECTIONS From LARGE CAMPAIGNS to SMALL ACTS From CONTROLLING OUR IMAGE to BEING OURSELVES From HARD TO REACH to AVAILABLE EVERYWHERESunday, February 3, 2013ENGAGEMENT : New Marketing Strategy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unday, February 3, 2013A New Level of Connection: Introducing GENERATION C CONNECTEDRedefining media consumption with the unique embrace of all things digital. Generation C is taking their personal connection - with each other and content - to new levels, new devices, and new experiences. Social media as integral part of livesSunday, February 3, 2013Influence of Social MediaThe idea of friends is changingInfluence shifted from media to individualsRise of seamlessly connected multi-taskersRise in consumers content creation and involvement on digital platformsIntroducing the new consumers purchasing journeyReal time & mobile socialSunday, February 3, 2013Changing Idea of FRIENDS: expanding social and interest graphsThe interest graph is shifting away attention from classic friendswhat I like who I knowThe future of a truly social web will rely on getting these two types of graphs to work togetherSOCIAL ON SOCIALSunday, February 3, 2013Interest-based network: the long-tail webs are growingCommunities, blogs, etc.- Nokiagang- Nokia blogs- Appreview- Siamphone forums- Thaimobilecenter forums- Flashfly- Pantip: MBK, Gadget- Other related communities such as entertainment, gaming communitiesSunday, February 3, 2013Shifting Influence from Media to INDIVIDUALSActive social media users are influential online...and they also tend to be influential offline.Mega celebrity directly engage with fans. Some became influential by spreading content online.Sunday, February 3, 2013Rise of seamlessly CONNECTED multi-taskersWhile youre online, which of the following media channels you read/listen to/watch/use at the same time?Source: QC6Base: All respondents - Thailand (rr=505)Accelerating technology adoptionSunday, February 3, 2013Real-time & MOBILE social on the riseAlways-on & On-the-go1/3 of total active Facebook users access the network via their mobileOver 50% of total active Twitter users access the site via their mobileSunday, February 3, 2013Rise in consumers content creation on digital platformFrom being most observers, Thai consumers are increasingly involved in the process of content creation and distribution via online media platforms. This has been particularly apparent during the flood situations.During the floods, there was a surge of user-generated content including tweets, FB updates, blog posts, and VDO posts, which serve as a form of citizen journalism updating and reporting the situations in real-time, 1st-person perspective. Many of these posts were via mobile.Sunday, February 3, 2013Introducing the new consumers purchasing journeyThe traditional shopping journey: The new purchase journey:Linear, predictable, analog, brand-controlled!"#$%&'(')*&'+,-.'/$012('3454607')$&128'9"$':;'!H2*!*?#I&%!!!H&&1I2./!A!.)##&*:'!!Sunday, February 3, 2013Different Ways to Market Your Mobile Applications1. Press release2. Lite or demo versions3. In-app advertisings4. Mobile & mobile search advertising5. Reviews 6. Version updates7. Reaching new target audience8. Social media [word of mouth marketing]Sunday, February 3, 2013Marketing Your Mobile Application : Pre-LaunchPre-Launch : Hype Early1. Coming soon page on app website 2. Exclusive trial by collecting emails prior to launch3. Create teaser VDO explaining the app 4. Release newsletter to targeted websites & communities5. Maintain hype via social networking platformSunday, February 3, 2013Marketing Your Mobile Application : LaunchLaunch Big1. More elaborate version of website with screen shots 2. Send out email newsletter3. Write blog posts and spread them in your networks4. Find new venues to exhibit your app eg. review websites5. Giveaway promo key on Twitter6. Serve new content on your website and let it spread7. Cross-platform media promote eg. live event, radio, etc.8. Throw a contest or giveaway on your website9. Reach out to larger websitesSunday, February 3, 2013Earned Media Touch Points Planning : Sample Paid Advertising1. Mobile advertising, in-app advertising, mobile search advertising2. Influencer marketing Owned Platform1. Application official websites: information, activities, and other content2. Facebook page, Twitter account, etc.Earned Media [Seeding]1. Strategic communities eg. siamphone, thaimobilecenter, flashfly, nokiagang, whatphone, pantip, etc.2. VDO content eg. youtube, sanook, kapook, yenta4, clipmass, mthai, atcoud3. Social bookmarks eg. Thaidigg, Thaizad, Monojung, Thailanddigg, Zikr, Thaipr4. Youth communities eg. exteen, dek-d, sanook, kapook, etc5. Entertainment websites eg. siamha, postjung, yenta4, teenee, zubzip, etc.6. Game communities eg. Game-mun, modxtoy, thaigaming, etc.Sunday, February 3, 2013Thank YouContact: Sunday, February 3, 2013