Twitter 101 - Getting started on Twitter

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Twitter 101 is a step-by-step guide on how to get started on Twitter, suitable for all Twitter newbies & beginners, and internet amateurs.


1. Are you ready to join Twitter ? 2. Go to Click on Sign Up to create a new account 1 3. Full Name allows people to find you on Twitter Username is what appears each time you Tweet - It will be your Twitter identity! Enter a Password youll remember easily Enter your Email address 2 4. Youll receive a Confirmation Email from Twitter Go to your email account (the one you stated in the previous step) Follow the link in the email to confirm your account. 3 5. Congrats! You are now a Tweep 6. 4 Twitter will now suggest you find people to follow Feel free to explore this. Well discuss it again during the workshop! By interest: What topics interest you, Eg: News By friends: Your email address books By Search: You can start by searching for people you know! 7. 5 Spice up your Twitter Profile! Click on Settings on the top right corner of the page Click on the Profile tab Upload your picture - No one wants to talk to a faceless person! Write a few lines about yourself 8. iPhone users Go to the App Store Search for the Twitter app Download it to your phone Android users Go to the Market Place Search for the Twitter app Download it to your phone 6 Download the Twitter app on your Smartphone Twitter 9. You are ready to start Tweeting!