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Unit Testing SharePoint Is NOT Contradiction in Terms Unit Testing SharePointThe only way to do itGil Zilberfeld, Typemock Typemock AgendaMission ImpossibleReal Life SharePoint TestingDemoQ&ATypemock EnvironmentFull servers Windows ServerOffice SharePoint Server and Visual StudioVirtual MachinesDataEnvironmentTypemock Why Test?FeedbackUnit testing = Quick FeedbackTypemock Test OptionsLet QA do itRun the app manuallyNot repeatableRun system testsRequire setup / cleanup SlowTypemock IsolationSharePoint objectsInternal constructorsNo InterfacesSealed classesGetter mentalityWrappers you can fakeUse IsolatorTypemock DemoTypemock Q&ATypemock Got Questions?gilz@typemock.comDownload it at http://www.typemock.comTypemock